New Product Profile

The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. To obtain more information on any item listed, contact the manufacturer.

The Night Com Xenon/LED, a flashlight featuring multiple lighting modes including LED night vision protection, is now available from Streamlight­®, Inc. The flashlight is designed for pilots, aircraft mechanics, and other professionals who occasionally work under low-light conditions because it preserves and optimizes night vision. The new light is the newest member of the company’s Twin-Task series of flashlights, the only machined aluminum flashlights featuring a patented Xenon/LED combination for brightness and long run times. Features include: a 4.8 volt Xenon bulb; a run time of up to 28 hours and lasts for 100,000 hours; weighs just 5.44 ounces; is 5.43 inches long; a polycarbonate lens; casing is constructed of aircraft-grade machined aluminum alloy and is coated with a Type II anodized finish. Standard O-rings protect the light from moisture damage. Available in matte black, the light comes equipped with a wrist lanyard;

The Premier Vertical Bi-Fold Door now available from Wilson Doors Inc. The aircraft aluminum construction of Wilson Premier vertical bi-fold doors is designed to make them stronger than steel-framed doors and lighter. With over a 40% reduction in weight compared to steel bi-fold doors of the same size, the Premier door allows building companies to reduce the cost of the structure. Because they fold out while elevating within the threshold, the doors are manufactured to need only minimal head room and wall clearance. Every Premier Doors is custom built and can be delivered in widths up to 140 ft. The door can be specified to the design instead of designing to the door manufacturer’s specs. The Premier door now includes the Ascent AC-Drive and 3-button controller as standard. The variable-speed Ascent AC-Drive provides a smooth, soft start and stop, minimizing wear on the motor and components, while decreasing the opening and closing time of the door;

The PSW— Power Scan Wash— Automatic Hot Water Parts Washer is available from Landa. Features a vertical spray column that oscillates back and forth; parts are placed on a metal turntable that rotates within the enclosed cabinet. The PSW also features an adjustable fold-down intermediate spray bar that can be positioned within inches of the part. Operated using a control panel that includes an automatic one-hour wash timer for unattended operation, a seven-day timer for pre-heating the water or automatically shutting down the unit for energy savings and a low-water alert and shutoff for protection of the heating element. Other standard features include: 12-gauge steel cabinet protected by a rust-resistant paint; automatic oil skimmer, with stainless steel disc; 6 kW calrod heating element protected by an incoloy sheath for heating of the water up to 175-degrees Fahrenheit;

The Billy Goat RES-ATV is available from Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc. of Dallas, TX. It is a Rescue ATV Skid unit complete with a PS III polypropylene base and stokes basket storage area; a folding attendant seat with an under seat storage compartment; a ten-lb. fire extinguisher; a roll bar; hand rails; warning lights; and, a work light. The stokes basket and backboard are optional. The RES-ATV is designed to fit any 6x6 ATV or ½ ton pick up bed;