Then & Now

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, with then-director Gina Marie Lindsey, was the cover story for the September 2003 issue of AIRPORT BUSINESS magazine. At the time, the airport was deep into a $2.4 billion capital improvement project, which includes a train system, airfield improvements, South Terminal expansion program, Central Terminal expansion, and the addition of a third runway.

The airport now boasts the recently completed new Concourse A and the Gina Marie Lindsey International Arrivals Hall; a new parking garage; state-of-the-art restrooms; satellite transit system; and, the Central Terminal, which features the airport's first major retail and concessions facility, Pacific MarketPlace. This stunning space includes a 64-foot by 360-foot window wall offering travelers an unobstructed view of Sea-Tac's airfield and the Olympic Mountains, as well as eleven eateries and nine specialty shops.

Sea-Tac's third runway is expected to open in late 2008 at a total cost of more than $1 billion, after several legal battles with local opposition, an extensive buyout program of the homes displaced because of the runway, and extensive environmental mitigation.

In 2005, Sea-Tac served some 29 million total passengers.