Creative in Carlsbad

New thinking and new money are redefining McClellan-Palomar Airport.

Part 16 - A Catalyst

Concerns about the proposed FBO were significant enough that the local pilots group filed a formal FAR Part 16 complaint with FAA, alleging it would bring with it an unfair competitive environment. FAA ruled in favor of Premier Jet. During this time, Sax had teamed with Ross Aviation, which brought additional investment money as well as FBO operations experience (see sidebar). The addition of Ross was the final piece of the puzzle, says Sax.

Says Drinkwater of the Part 16 experience, "The GA pilots wound up better off as a result of this development. That north side of the ramp didn't get the impetus for funding from FAA until the Part 16. It prompted them to move it up their priority list."

Other development is also happening: Magellan Aviation has broken ground on new FBO facilities; and, the county is preparing to build a GA/office terminal building.

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