NATA Airline Services Council: Setting Safety and Business Benchmarks

In the airline services industry, we must define benchmarks for safety and business to help us measure our performance, help compare the tasks we perform every day, and see whether we are working as safely, secure and efficiently as we possibly can.

As a result, NATA ASC plans to work with its members to create a standardized reporting program containing definable incident data collection. Once standardized definitions have been created, the next step is the anonymous collection of reporting data from airline services companies to set the current benchmark. Working with our members, the NATA Safety 1st Program, and aviation safety consulting group SH&E, NATA ASC will collect accident and incident data which will allow us to measure the current safety levels and create acceptable best practice recommendations for all segments of our industry.

All of the data collected would be scrubbed for identifying information. The data collected cannot be used to identify a particular company. Furthermore, the data will not be used to penalize a company for an incident, assign blame for an accident, and will not contain any information that will reveal sensitive trade secrets or proprietary information to competitors. This sterilized data will then be carefully analyzed to determine trends and unsafe practices, which contribute to accidents and incidents. Once these trends are identified, best practices will be recommended to reduce or eliminate these kinds of accidents. Additionally, the information will be shared with several of the largest insurance underwriters in the industry. By tracking improvements in safety, the result will be significantly lower insurance premiums, savings in deductibles, and less difficulty in approval for policy coverage.

By demonstrating this improved culture of safety, airline services companies can prove to their employees and to the airlines with which they contract that they are taking steps to ensure a safer experience.

Those companies wishing to assist in this process, may visit the NATA ASC website at to learn more. The first step is to fill out the confidentiality agreement, which can be found on the resources page of the site. The completed form must be faxed to the number on the bottom. Once this has been accomplished the company will receive further information on reporting, and collection of data. This initiative is not only limited to members of NATA ASC. While membership is encouraged and serves to strengthen the entire effort, non-member companies may also participate in the process.

We must not, and cannot ignore the safety of those who work for us. That is our greatest responsibility. Our employees expect it and our customers demand it.

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