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GSE Safety Bumpers

The 311 Corner Bumper is the foundation of Carson Mfg Co.’s GSE safety bumper line. It is designed to protect aircraft from accidental damage from GS equipment. Carson also offers the 321 Straight Bumper, 311LS Tapered Corner Bumper, 311LSBP, 421 Flat Bumper and 441 End Bumper. All are molded of specially formulated vinyl, with corrosion and abrasion resistance, color that will not transfer and UV stabilizers to prevent discoloration and stiffening. The pneumatic structure design provides a soft protective cushion of air.


PolyBrite Illuminated Safety Produacts

AeroSafe Products offers PolyBrite Illuminated Safety Products: Marshalling Wands and Split and Poncho illuminated vests. Illuminated safety vests offer up to 400 hours in flashing mode, up to 250 hours in solid or steady on mode and up to 1 mile visibility. Vests are available in split and poncho style. Illuminated marshalling wands have steady and flashing modes and operate for up to 400 hours in flashing mode or 250 hours in solid or steady on mode. The wands are light weight, only 8 oz with batteries and are the most durable marshalling wand available.


All-Ready Complete First Aid System

Elmridge Protection Products offers the All-Ready Complete First Aid System, developed in partnership with the National Safety Council, which contains essential supplies and easy step-by-step instructions with illustrations. 11 different care packs are available. It easily integrates into existing first aid training programs and allows companies to meet OSHA standards. Re-supply is as easy as ordering a new pack.



Transportation Safety Apparel (TSA) is one of the largest HiViz companies in the United States. TSA offers a wide range of safety apparel and safety products. Our product mix ranges from vest, tees, raingear, jackets, gloves, and hard hats. TSA offers great prices, even better delivery, along with great customer services.


BrightZone Safety Signs & BeaconWear Safety Apparel

Safe Lites offers BrightZone Safety Signs & BeaconWear Safety Apparel: Illuminated call number signs for ground support equipment and snow removal vehicles and active-illuminated safety apparel. All products feature GlowSkin Active Illumination Technology.


Maxi-Lite 20330

The Maxi-Lite 20330 promotes safety and security by providing well-lit areas in the jobsite. Featuring Allmand Bros. Inc.’s exclusive SHO (Super High Output) lighting system, the Maxi-Lite generates up to 50% more lumens per fixture than competitive light towers. Providing up to 7,500 watts, the Maxi-Lite 20330 is available with four or six SHO fixtures carrying metal-halide or high-pressure sodium lights.


Exofit xp harness

DBI-SALA offers the ExoFit XP, with comfort, performance and safety including five industry-first features. ExoFit XP harnesses include lightweight 3-D mesh padding that keeps workers cool and comfortable, removable pads that allow for cleaning and washing, a spring loaded “stand-up” back D-ring for easy connections, an impact indicator built-in to the back D-ring providing visual indication of impact, and color coded quick connect buckles making donning quick and easy. The ExoFit XP combines ergonomic engineering with performance technology, comfort and style borrowed from the military and extreme sports.


TiTAN Heavy Duty

Timberland PRO’s TiTAN Heavy Duty (HD) sets a new standard for lightweight comfort and durability with innovations such as the PowerFit Comfort System and Cast-Bond welt technology. TiTAN HD features the PowerFit comfort system with ergonomic fit and maximum support. The contoured footbed provides cushioning and resists compression. A wider toe box allows for a better fit, while the TiTAN safety toe cap is two-thirds lighter than steel. A climate control system helps regulate temperature and reduce moisture build-up.


Meridian, Legend, TITAN and ICON Building Series
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