An Advisory's Welcome

In our June/July issue, if you were paying attention, you saw a new listing of names on the Editor's Note page.

Our Advisory Board is here to ensure that you are provided with the latest industry news and the most accurate and timely business buzz as it happens. We not only thank them for their participation, but welcome their input as we help move the industry forward.

Yvonne ColemanYvonne Coleman

Marketing Manager, ASIG

Yvonne joined ASIG in 1998, during a time of significant growth and expansion. She now serves as the marketing manager responsible for internal and external corporate communications worldwide. Her duties at ASIG include website management, corporate advertising, web-based initiatives, production of corporate collateral and press announcements. Her industry knowledge is also called upon to assist with sales related objectives. Yvonne obtained a degree in Business Administration from Bernard M. Baruch College and began working for the American National Standards Institute in 1995, where she worked in the marketing department for several years.

Jody LonerganJody Lonergan

Manager-Corporate GSE, Continental Airlines

Throughout her 17 year career with Continental, Jody has held positions within many facets of the operating division including: ramp operations, finance, regulatory compliance, contract services, training/curriculum development and now GSE. Since joining the GSE group in late 2000, the world of GSE has changed vastly from standard operating units to new technology in electrics, hybrids, alternative fuels and cross utilization of units into new operating environments. She is very excited about the opportunity to participate in this Editorial Advisory Board and looks forward to taking GSE’s portion of the aviation industry to a new level.

CMSGT Darryl W. ClarkCMSGT Darryl W. Clark

USAF (RET) Web Manager,

Darryl recently completed a 30-year career in the Air Force culminating as test management group superintendent. He holds an AAS in Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology and a BS degree in Professional Aeronautics with a minor in Aviation/Aerospace Safety. Darryl's entire career was spent in maintenance and ground support with a strong background in support equipment acquisitions, process improvement, quality assurance and test and evaluation.

Six years ago, he founded the website; dedicated to ground support personnel and Information sharing. Darryl's leading edge knowledge of the impact of new technologies on GSE as well as his military background make him a perfect addition to the Advisory Board.

Rob LambRob Lamb

Vice President-Sales and Marketing, Charlatte America

Rob has a degree in International Business/Spanish and started in the industry 15 years ago by selling global logistics for Emery Air Freight. Before joining Charlatte, Rob spent several years with Stewart & Stevenson and TUG Technologies.

Rob's experience with electric tractors and belt loaders will assist the editorial staff at Ground Support Worldwide as more customers inquire about alternative-fuel vehicles.

Mark BlalockMark Blalock

Vice President-Sales and Service, North America, TLD

Mark's career began during college with Rockwell International's Business Aircraft Division. He and his father established a consulting services company that developed an equipment design and production company in the early 1980's. Providing products primarily for the regional airline industry, EBA Inc. was sold to Devtec Corporation which, through acquisition, became a part of TLD. Today, Mark is proud to be part of the TLD team offering products and services to customers worldwide.

Michael BloomfieldMichael Bloomfield

Major Shareholder, Sage Parts

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