Spotlight on Welding Products

Variable Shade Auto-Darkening Helmets Hobart Welders offers the XTV Series of lightweight, high performance auto-darkening welding helmets. The line darkens in 1/12,000 of a second after arc start and features an internally adjustable auto-darkening...

To eliminate costly shielding gas surges, Smith Equipment offers the Optimizer Anti-Surge flowmeter regulator. Designed for MIG and TIG welding applications, the Optimizer helps prevent gas flow surges that normally occur when a welding operator activates a MIG gun or TIG torch. It can lower gas costs by up to 50 percent and, by reducing overall gas consumption, also reduces cylinder handling. The two-stage anti-surge design provides highly accurate gas flow and constant outlet pressure to help assure welding operators achieve optimum welding performance. The Optimizer’s high-flow capacity offers a delivery range of up to 70 standard cubic feet per hour and is designed for use with either straight Argon shielding gas or an Argon/CO2 mixture. Designed with a CGA 580 inlet connection and a 5/8-inch, 18 RH internal outlet connection, the Optimizer provides maximum pressure inlet of 3,000 pounds per square inch gauge. Each regulator is backed with a three-year limited warranty. For more information visit

Welding Helmet

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. offers an auto-darkening welding helmet inspired by the design of the Mexican Flag. Sporting a bright green metallic finish, the helmet features bold red and white accents forming an ornamental design that scrolls around the surface. The eagle, serpent, and cactus crest is dramatically framed and highlighted on both sides. The helmet features Miller’s Auto-On and Grind Mode lens technology. The Auto-On feature eliminates the need for an on/off function. The helmet is always ready to weld, but still conserves battery life. The helmet’s #4 ultra-clear “light-state” makes setup and repositioning of hands and parts more efficient while also providing continuous UV and IR protection. Grinding Mode function keeps the helmet in the #4 light state and prevents darkening of the lens from grinding sparks and meets ANSI Z87.1 and CE/CSA impact standards. The helmet comes complete with five outside and two inside replacement cover lenses, and an exclusive fatigue-reducing comfort cushion and helmet bag. They are covered by a two-year warranty. For more information visit or call (800) 426-4553.

Mig Welder

The Miller Millermatic 180 all-in-one MIG welder features exclusive Smooth-Start technology to initiate the arc in a more controlled manner, providing smooth, spatter-free starts for improved quality and reduced rework. It (single-phase 230-volt input; 135 amps at 22v DC, 30 percent duty cycle output) has enough power to weld 5/16-inch mild steel in a single pass. It replaces the Millermatic 175, which had a 1/4-inch mild steel capability. It also features infinite voltage control with manual on/off wire feed speed tracking. For more information visit

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