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SAE and Metric Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set Mac Tools offers the Mac Edge seven-piece SAE (SRWFQ67K) and seven-piece metric (SRWMFQ67K) FLEX2 combination ratcheting wrench set. This product marries the Mac Edge nonslip grip technology, that can...

Particle Spray System
MAGNAFLUX, a worldwide supplier of magnetic particle inspection materials, accessories, and equipment, offers a magnetic particle spray system. The system works great when inspecting large parts where you need a portable spray system that holds a larger volume of magnetic particle bath. The 30-gallon pot comes equipped with a 15-foot recirculation hose attached to a fan pattern spray gun. The portable unit is equipped with casters for added mobility. Depending on your process, the system can handle water- or oil-based solution. The continuously agitated bath keeps the particles suspended and uniform through the tank, hose, and spray gun. For more information, you may visit or call 847-657-5300.

Safety Reels
Coxreels’ EZ-COIL safety series reels are now blue. Coxreels’ safety series EZ-COIL reels, with patented controlled retraction, painted safety yellow since their inception, are now the industry standard safety reels. EZ-COIL models are painted in Coxreels’ signature Lustrous Blue Proprietary CPC powder coat finish. EZ-COIL models will feature updated logos and labels to be easily differentiated from Coxreels’ standard reels. The blue models will still have up to 80 percent slower retraction speed than standard spring rewind reels. For more information visit or call (800) COXREELS.

Touch Screen Glass Panel
Ram Mounting Systems offers an Aviation Touch Screen Glass Panel that is an affordable Large Touch Screen Tablet PC, that makes it easy to upgrade your cockpit with state-of-the-art navigational tools. Powered by the Windows operating system allows a multitude of software to be loaded and used. Its internal wireless and Bluetooth features provide Internet and e-mail access from most anywhere in the world. For more information visit

Double Tandem Scissor Lift
Man and Material Lift Engineering offers the SP135/SP148 Double Tandem scissor lift. The most ine is its single lift mode. This mode consists of no cross-overs installed. The lifts can be operated independent from each other and the operator has the option of raising and lowering their own lift or both lifts. Some significant features include: synchronization of lifts, telescoping guard rails, platform height of 171 inches fully raised, and five-button pendant control. When one or more cross-over decks are installed the machine must be operated in synchronous lift mode. The machine has two pendant stations and can be operated by either station. There are three configurations available in synchronous lift mode. Both cross-overs are installed in the “O” configuration, either front or rear cross-over can be installed in the “U” and “Upside-down U” configuration. Each lift, the SP135 and SP148, has its own complete sets of cross-overs hand rails and toe rails. For more information visit

Parts Management System
Innovative Tools & Technologies, a manufacturer of tools and equipment, offers the SuperStorage parts management system. The parts management system ties together the entire process, from front office to the shop floor. You can track and manage every part from the largest panels to the smallest clips. A major benefit of this system is its easy implementation into any size shop without aggravation. Streamline workflow, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and increase profits. SuperLock quick adjustment brackets are made from high-carbon heat-treated steel, robotically welded for stronger, consistent welds. They provide safe, quick, and easy shelf adjustment. Upper rails on each shelf prevent parts from sliding off. Three models to choose from, each with shelves that easily fold down and hook into dedicated nesting holes for storage. For more information call (866) 438-4884 or visit

Reel Cabinet
Shure Manufacturing Corporation’s Shure Reel Cabinet is a self-contained, functional unit intended to organize all of your service reel requirements. Shure’s reel cabinet is available in 24- or 36-inch cabinets. The 24-inch reel cabinet can hold up to six service reels and the 36-inch SRC can hold up to eight service reels. Conceal your service reels — oil, air, water, electric, light, and transmission fluid. It features stainless-steel side roll bars that protect cabinet and hoses, and roller guides for hose extension and retraction. The reel cabinet has a removable drip made of plastic or stainless steel. A cut out for electrical outlet duplex is integrated in the cabinet’s service panel. It features easy access in the rear of cabinet for service piping and wiring. For more information visit or call (800) 227-4873.

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