Products of the Month

SAE and Metric Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set
Mac Tools offers the Mac Edge seven-piece SAE (SRWFQ67K) and seven-piece metric (SRWMFQ67K) FLEX2 combination ratcheting wrench set. This product marries the Mac Edge nonslip grip technology, that can remove fastener heads up to 70 percent rounded, with the double joint flexible box end design, allowing these wrenches to be used at multiple offset angles. The double flex joint provides two times more access to hard-to-reach fasteners — 180-degree x 2 range of motion. A meatier shank with a full polish nickel chrome surface enables the wrenches to perform under high torque applications while maintaining a comfortable grip. Mac Tools’ open-end ratcheting wrenches also have a unique “knuckle-saver” open-end nonslip design, preventing damage to both the bolt and your hands. For more information call your local Mac dealer or visit

Air-Powered Lift
Man and Material Lift engineering offers an air-powered lift for Keystone Helicopters. The VM12A lift for Keystone Helicopters will be used inside its large paint and composite hangar located in Coatsvill, PA, to paint its large S92 transport helicopter. The VM12A is a pneumatic-powered vertical lift, and has a platform height of 12 feet with a working height of 18 feet, and a platform capacity of 500 pounds. The platform controls are pneumatic. The emergency stop switch stops all machine functions at platform controls, while the ground controls will still operate with key switch in ground position. The drive/steer, raise/lower joystick, uses pilot pressure to proportionally control all drive, steer, raise and lowering functions. For more information visit

Heat Gun Kit
Steinel offers a Limited Edition Silver Anniversary heat gun kit. The kit includes a state-of-the-art HL 2010E IntelliTemp heat gun with LCD display offering temperature selection in 10 F increments. Like all Steinel electronic heat guns, the HL 2010E features electronic thermocouple control and an exclusive DuraTherm heating element for maximum precision and reliability. It also includes Steinel’s most popular heat tool accessories and limited edition sliver anniversary case. For more information call (800) 852-4343 or visit

Digital Light Meters
Magnaflux, a leading worldwide supplier of magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection materials, accessories and equipment, offers two black light meters calibrated and certified specifically for NDT use. The Magnaflux Digital White Light meter and Digital Black Light meters are easy to use. The Magnaflux Digital Black Light Meter (P/N 622339) has an accurate digital readout of black light intensity (microwatts/cm2) and includes UV light meter, permanently affixed black light sensor, battery, and carrying case. The Magnaflux Digital White Light Meter (P/N 622338) accurately measures visible light by foot candles and lux, and includes UV light meter, permanently affixed white light sensor, battery, and carrying case. For more information, you may visit or call 847-657-5300.

The ProVision-2 from Aircraft Tool Supply features better electronics, sharper optics, higher resolution, and much brighter lighting than its predecessors. The PV2 is a well-designed quality fiberscope that’s up to the job of doing aircraft visual inspections. It is available in 18- and 36-inch models. For more information visit www.aircraft– or call (800) 248-0638.

Bird Netting
Nixalite offers the K-Net high tensile bird netting. Aside from spreading disease, bird droppings can destroy almost any building material, including wood, stone, marble, steel, and iron. Accumulated droppings can also damage roofs, clog gutters, discolor paint, corrode I-beams, ruin cloth awnings, and short-out electrical equipment. Controlling the nuisance without harmful tactics is possible with all-humane bird control products from Nixalite. Nixalite’s K-Net high tensile bird netting offers unbeatable strength, quality and value. Designed for architectural and structural applications, K-Net is now even stronger and lighter. It is perfect for use in airplane hangars. For more information call (800) 624-1189 or visit

Particle Spray System
MAGNAFLUX, a worldwide supplier of magnetic particle inspection materials, accessories, and equipment, offers a magnetic particle spray system. The system works great when inspecting large parts where you need a portable spray system that holds a larger volume of magnetic particle bath. The 30-gallon pot comes equipped with a 15-foot recirculation hose attached to a fan pattern spray gun. The portable unit is equipped with casters for added mobility. Depending on your process, the system can handle water- or oil-based solution. The continuously agitated bath keeps the particles suspended and uniform through the tank, hose, and spray gun. For more information, you may visit or call 847-657-5300.

Safety Reels
Coxreels’ EZ-COIL safety series reels are now blue. Coxreels’ safety series EZ-COIL reels, with patented controlled retraction, painted safety yellow since their inception, are now the industry standard safety reels. EZ-COIL models are painted in Coxreels’ signature Lustrous Blue Proprietary CPC powder coat finish. EZ-COIL models will feature updated logos and labels to be easily differentiated from Coxreels’ standard reels. The blue models will still have up to 80 percent slower retraction speed than standard spring rewind reels. For more information visit or call (800) COXREELS.

Touch Screen Glass Panel
Ram Mounting Systems offers an Aviation Touch Screen Glass Panel that is an affordable Large Touch Screen Tablet PC, that makes it easy to upgrade your cockpit with state-of-the-art navigational tools. Powered by the Windows operating system allows a multitude of software to be loaded and used. Its internal wireless and Bluetooth features provide Internet and e-mail access from most anywhere in the world. For more information visit

Double Tandem Scissor Lift
Man and Material Lift Engineering offers the SP135/SP148 Double Tandem scissor lift. The most ine is its single lift mode. This mode consists of no cross-overs installed. The lifts can be operated independent from each other and the operator has the option of raising and lowering their own lift or both lifts. Some significant features include: synchronization of lifts, telescoping guard rails, platform height of 171 inches fully raised, and five-button pendant control. When one or more cross-over decks are installed the machine must be operated in synchronous lift mode. The machine has two pendant stations and can be operated by either station. There are three configurations available in synchronous lift mode. Both cross-overs are installed in the “O” configuration, either front or rear cross-over can be installed in the “U” and “Upside-down U” configuration. Each lift, the SP135 and SP148, has its own complete sets of cross-overs hand rails and toe rails. For more information visit

Parts Management System
Innovative Tools & Technologies, a manufacturer of tools and equipment, offers the SuperStorage parts management system. The parts management system ties together the entire process, from front office to the shop floor. You can track and manage every part from the largest panels to the smallest clips. A major benefit of this system is its easy implementation into any size shop without aggravation. Streamline workflow, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and increase profits. SuperLock quick adjustment brackets are made from high-carbon heat-treated steel, robotically welded for stronger, consistent welds. They provide safe, quick, and easy shelf adjustment. Upper rails on each shelf prevent parts from sliding off. Three models to choose from, each with shelves that easily fold down and hook into dedicated nesting holes for storage. For more information call (866) 438-4884 or visit

Reel Cabinet
Shure Manufacturing Corporation’s Shure Reel Cabinet is a self-contained, functional unit intended to organize all of your service reel requirements. Shure’s reel cabinet is available in 24- or 36-inch cabinets. The 24-inch reel cabinet can hold up to six service reels and the 36-inch SRC can hold up to eight service reels. Conceal your service reels — oil, air, water, electric, light, and transmission fluid. It features stainless-steel side roll bars that protect cabinet and hoses, and roller guides for hose extension and retraction. The reel cabinet has a removable drip made of plastic or stainless steel. A cut out for electrical outlet duplex is integrated in the cabinet’s service panel. It features easy access in the rear of cabinet for service piping and wiring. For more information visit or call (800) 227-4873.

Transport Case
Pelican Products Inc., a manufacturer of high-impact, all-purpose watertight protector cases, offers the 1690 Transport Case. Boasting more than 12,000 cubic inches of possible storage space, it is ideal for safely transporting heavy equipment. Transit-friendly features include two double-hand side-grips for easy team lifting, two heavy-duty sets of polyurethane wheels with stainless-steel ball bearings and nylon hubs for long wheel-life and an extension handle for easy transport. The 1690 offers stainless-steel reinforced padlock protectors for added defense against cutting and theft. Pelican’s proprietary Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam comes standard for instant interior customization and shock protection. Like all Pelican protector cases, the 1690’s open cell-core construction helps protect sensitive equipment from some of the harshest conditions on Earth. For more information call (800) 473-5422 or visit

Manual Spray Guns
DeVilbiss offers manual spray guns using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to enhance the atomization process and provide a superior finish with one of the highest transfer efficiency rates available today. The DeVilbiss Conventional, HVLP, and Trans-Tech spray guns are all built for ergonomic comfort, energy savings and superior transfer efficiencies. The latest CFD technology was used to model the passageways and air caps in the new compact spray guns to reduce turbulence and enhance the atomization process. The smooth transition from the compact’s air cap and fluid nozzle system to the finishing surface produces superior results with the highest transfer efficiency rates.The series includes the Advanced Conventional, the Trans-Tech, and the HVLP. Each of the spray guns is available in suction, pressure, and gravity feed models, for a wide range of applications. For further information call customer service at (800) 992-4657 or visit

Drill Attachment
S-B Industries patented RiveDrill attachment quickly converts cordless electric, electric and pneumatic power drills into efficient blind rivet guns. RiveDrill sets rivets faster and with less effort than standard hand riveting tools. For more information visit

Steck Manufacturing Company offers the Super Scraper (P/N 71510) which removes sealant or decals without scratching paint or aluminum structure. This uniquely designed durable, nonmarring scraper with a tough plastic handle can be hit with a hammer to use as a chisel. Like a chisel, it can also be re-sharpened with a file to keep a clean edge. For more information visit

Boom Lift
The Model 740AJ boom lift from JLG Industries Inc. features an integral personal fall arrest system that allows maintenance personnel to work outside the platform. It is designed to withstand sustained jet blasts up to 80 mph with gusts to 90 mph. The personal fall arrest system incorporates a stainless-steel wire rope circumscribing three sides of the platform’s top railing and secured at six points along the railing. The platform rails are also wrapped in padding to provide additional protection. Halogen work lights mounted on the platform, a corner tool tray, and cold weather start kits are among the other options. For more information contact Mark Mohn at (240) 420-8724 or

SAE and Metric Spherical Ratcheting Wrench Set
Mac Tools offers the Mac Edge seven-piece SAE and eight-piece metric spherical ratcheting wrench set. The spherical 6 in 1 drive system is Mac Tools’ version of the “spline” but is enhanced by the ability to remove Trox, spline, 6-point, 12-point, square and rounded bolts. The grip technology on this drive system can remove bolts up to 50 percent rounded. The wrenches have a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum handle, helping reduce fatigue while maintaining superior strength and durability. The Spherical wrenches have a Flex-Head design with 180-degree range of motion for exceptional flexibility. For more information, you may visit or call 847-657-5300.

Sanding Glove
Dynabrade’s Accessories Division offers the DynaMitt Sanding Glove. This slip-on glove conforms to most work surfaces and is ideal for fast, efficient sanding of various materials. It features a hook-face material on the palm side of the glove allowing attaching hook-face abrasive sheets to the glove in order to begin the sanding process. The glove allows the user to easily control the pressure and sanding coverage of the work piece. Ideal for wood and metal applications alike. A wide variety of abrasive sheets are offered in grits from 80 to 320. A nonwoven nylon sheet is also available. A DynaMitt Abrasive Sanding Kit is also available which includes two each of abrasive sheets in a variety of grits and one of the non-woven nylon sheets. The DynaMitt Sanding Glove also includes a rubber insert for more rigid sanding applications. The insert fits into the pocket provided on the glove. For more information call (716) 631-0100.

Air Valve
Sharpe Manufacturing offers the Digi-tell, a light digital air valve for spray finishing guns. Weighing in at just 150 grams, it ensures the accuracy of your air supply to +/- 0.5 psi. Offering both psi or bar ratings and universal 1/4 nps fittings, it is capable of fitting most spray guns around the world. With a long battery life, up to four years, an operating pressure up to 100 psi, and an attractive, gun washer safe, highly polished body, the Digi-tell delivers precision technology for ultimate accuracy. For more information visit

Flight Display Systems
Flight Display Systems offers an innovative solution for adding cockpit panel space where none exists. “The Flipper,” a thin, small 5-inch LCD display, installs easily on most existing glareshields and flips into position when needed. When The Flipper is stowed, it becomes virtually indiscernible and does not disrupt the flow and panel scan of aircraft crew.It solves the panel display space problems faced with the Citation and provides a low-cost yet effective solution for the customer. The Flipper is a lightweight unit that mounts easily on existing instrument panels with a unique low-profile attachment bracket. When not in use, the display flips to a horizontal stowed position using only a half-inch of visual panel space. For more information visit

Thickness Gauges
The Magnaflux MT-21 Series of thickness gauges at an affordable price may be upgraded in the field, without returning the gauge to the factory. The MT-21B is the basic model, which accepts all transducers and is capable of making accurate thickness readings on a variety of materials with access to only one side of the product. The M-21 model combines the popular features of the MT-21B and adds features such as gain adjust, vibrating and illuminated alarms, and Transducer Wear Alert (which informs the user when transducer replacement is needed). The M-21DL is the deluxe model and combines all of the features of the MT-21B and MT-21, but adds a 50,000 reading flexible datalogger, B-Scan and Echo-to-Echo. For more information, you may visit or call (847) 657-5300.

Folding Pocket Fliplight
Mac Tools offers the super bright Folding Pocket Fliplight (TLL1701). The cordless LED light, that you can take anywhere, features 18 super bright 100,000 hour flood light style LEDs. It has a ratcheting hinge for multiple angle settings and is good for up to seven hours of cordless use between charging. Stored in the light housing is a rugged hook for stationary positioning. The light has a compact design and purchase includes a belt pouch for easy access. For more information call your local Mac dealer or visit

Anti-Seize Lubricants
Formulated for the most severe industrial environments, Permatex brand anti-seize lubricants protect mated metal parts against corrosion, rusting, galling, friction, and seizing. They also reduce wrench torque, easing the assembly and disassembly of threaded, slip-fit, and press-fit connections. Permatex anti-seize lubricant is an inert blend of heavy-duty aluminum, copper, and graphite lubricants in a petroleum base. Capable of withstanding service temperatures from -60 F to 1,600 F without hardening or evaporating, it is available in a variety of containers, including a 1-ounce tube, brush-top bottles, an aerosol can, and a 1-gallon pail. Copper-free, Permatex nickel anti-seize lubricant is designed for use with stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. Available in 8- and 16-ounce brush-top bottles, it withstands service temperatures to 2,400 F, even under extreme pressure. Permatex copper anti-seize lubricant is a premium-quality lubricant that provides good electrical conductivity and withstands service temperatures from -30 F to 1,800 F. It is available in 8- and 16-ounce brush-top bottles. For more information, call (800) 933-8266 or visit

Portable Hot Water Pressure Washers
Kärcher offers a line of portable hot water pressure washers that are electric-powered and diesel-heated. There are three models with cleaning range of 2 to 3.5 gpm (gallons per minute) and 1,000 to 2,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure. All feature a rugged, steel chassis and cage painted with an epoxy powder coat finish for all-weather protection. The series features industrial-grade components throughout, including: a cold-rolled, heating coil made of 1/2-inch, Schedule 80, steel pipe; a high-efficiency burner with transformer, safety rupture disk, thermal pump saver; and a water-resistant, easy-to-access control box, which houses the switches, magnetic starter, and adjustable thermostat. They are powered by industrial-grade motors and feature two electrical configurations, 120- and 230-volt single phase. All models also feature a direct-drive, crankcase Kärcher high-pressure pump with five-year warranty. For more information visit

Work Assist Vehicle
Crown’s Wave Work Assist Vehicles allow a typical operator to reach up to 17 feet compared to 14 feet with the original Wave. The Wave allows users to transport and lift materials that otherwise would have been carried by hand, using manual tools such as ladders. It offers multiple benefits for owners and operators, including: potentially cutting labor costs, traveling and elevating simultaneously, supporting up to 200 pounds on the load tray and up to 250 pounds on the load deck, maneuvering in compact work aisles as narrow as 36 inches, coordinating travel control, lift/lower operations, and steering and braking through built-in safety systems. For more information visit

Shop Shoe
It’s a classic three-eyelet lace design and it’s made from the same soft, supple cowhide used in Redback boots for long life and comfort. The Walk About Shoe is leather lined and features Redback’s popular anatomic sole support system that prevents foot strain, fatigue, and related leg and back pain from being on your feet all day. The exclusive compression molded TPU sole assures unparalled stability, long life, and resists oil and lubricants. Available in black and brown, in a wide range of men’s and women’s sizes. Contact your MATCO distributor for a test walk or call Redback toll free at: (877) 905-2668.

TIG Torch Kit
Weldcraft offers the AK-150 Modular Flex (AK-150MF) Kit to provide maximum flexibility on a wide range of TIG welding applications. Operators can convert their standard 17F or 17FV TIG torch into 20 different torch styles using an existing cable. By delivering multiple configurations in a single package, the AK-150MF eliminates the need to purchase and carry extra torches and reduces downtime associated with torch changeovers. The rotatable heads improve flexibility by allowing the built-in gas valve on a 17FV torch to be positioned at any point on the handle and allows for multiple torch configurations on the non-valved 17F. The easily removable head and coil combination unit, surrounded by silicon rubber insulation, eliminates multiple connection points to prevent overheating and high frequency leaks that can lead to unnecessary downtime or rework. For more information, contact Weldcraft at (800) 752-7620 or visit

Work Benches
Shure Manufacturing Corporation’s Trans Max benches offer a large 6-foot sloped working surface and includes a full-length trough draining system with drain pipe, two stringers, four heavy-duty swivel casters (portable) and an optional 12-inch deep lower shelf. Portable and stationary models available. They feature a large 6-foot sloped working surface for big or multiple jobs, adjustable height legs (29 to 40 inches high), full-length trough draining system with drain pipe, optional 12-inch deep lower shelf, portable models include four heavy-duty swivel casters with brake, and powder coat paint finish-in of Shure’s 22 signature colors. For more information visit or call (800) 227-4873.

Reinforced Air Hose
Acme Automotive offers the Flexeel Max reinforced polyurethane air hose assembly as part of its line of durable, lightweight, and flexible reinforced air hose with Flexeel Max. This new product’s benefits include its Hi-Viz Eel Green color — easy to see (even in low light), Eel Strap — easy to bundle, store and carry, Ball Swivel Coupler — increases maneuverability at the tool end and relieves wrist strain, Air Safety Plug — connector which prevents dangerous “hose whip” by quickly bleeding off the pressure from the hose in a controlled fashion and a working pressure of 300 psi at 70 F. Flexeel Max will stay flexible down to temperatures as low as -40 F, and maintain durability up to 165 F. Flexeel Max assemblies are available in 1/4-, 5/16- and 3/8-inch hose ID and your choice of 50- or 100-foot lengths, with automotive or industrial interchanges. For more information visit

Fluid Storage Can
Intelligent Solutions Group provides a safe, clean way to store and dispense industrial fluids. Improve the way you store, dispense, and identify industrial fluids with iCan brand containers. They prevent lubricant contamination, resulting in longer equipment life and fewer mechanical breakdowns. In addition, they minimize the risk of spills, which results in a cleaner, safer environment. The containers also improve fluid identification, which prevents the likelihood of topping off equipment with the wrong oil. Overall, they promote a safe, clean work environment, which shows respect for the safety and well-being of workers. For more information, please call (866) 381-4226 or visit

The Pila family of professional flashlights includes the GL2, GL3, GL4, and the Codex, ideal for aviation use. The Codex offers unique features and options. The flashlight can be set to emit individual codes and signals, strobe, fade, or dim output and in emergencies can automatically release the SOS distress code. It features quick installation and easy programming. With the Codex installed onto a Pila flashlight it can be programmed to set different light intensities, emit short strobes for self-defense, attract attention by dimming and brightening at different timings, emit flashes for warning, automatically send off the SOS distress signal, and release brief messages in Morse Code. For more information call (937) 644-2170 or visit or

Nitrogen Tire Inflation System
Gentco offers 20CU and 40CU nitrogen tire inflation systems that are easy and cost-effective. The GKNAT20-TC is a 20-cubic-foot high pressure nitrogen tank with a stand, 6-foot hose, pressure reducing single stage regulator, and a tire inflator with a dial pressure gauge that can be reset. The 40-cubic-foot model has the same features of the smaller system. Nitrogen is a totally inert gas that will not support corrosion or oxidation in aircraft wheels and tires. Since compressed nitrogen has a larger gas molecule than compressed air, it inhibits tire pressure reduction. For more information visit

Wire Marker Kit
The Hz2 by Energy Management Corporation focuses on efficiency. The wire marker kit includes the base unit, six rolls of imprint foil, five print wheels, two adjustment tools, and one instruction book. At only 3.09 pounds and 9 x 2 x 11.5 inches, the base unit allows the aircraft manufacturer or mechanic the flexibility they need. With six rolls of imprint foil equaling 120,000 wire imprints, the cost per imprint drops to three cents per imprint, making this tool very cost-effective. The wire marker can create thousands of different alpha and numeric combinations. The marker can fit up to 10 character wheels. The wire marker uses heat to emboss the character sequence onto the wire making the imprint lasting and clear. The flexibility, mobile application, economic efficiency, excellent readability, lasting oil resistant marking, no shifting, or protruding marking make this a mechanic’s favorite tool. For more information visit