Products of the Month

The ES7-1350 borescope from Titan Tool Supply is capable of reaching deep into walls, drains, vents, and engine blocks through openings as narrow as 7.5 mm. A powerful built-in LED light with an on-off switch illuminates dark locations for clear viewing. Its operating and storage temperature range is -10 F to 120 F. For more information visit or call (716) 873-9998.

Hydraulic Tube Repair Tool
Designed Metal Connections (DMC) has qualified a tube fitting system to AS5958 and AS5959 specifications and has developed a comprehensive tool and fittings kit to repair hydraulic tube systems to 5,080 psi, which are the pressures and specifications used on the B787 Dreamliner program. The tool kit features swaging tools for sizes -04 (1/4-inch OD) to -16 (1-inch OD) including the manual pump, tube cutters, gauges, marking templates, and deburring tools. For more information call (310) 217-3170.

Grounding and Bonding Assembly
A portable, self-testing grounding and bonding assembly, the Bond-Rite EZ from Newson Gale Inc., makes it possible to establish and verify a proper low-resistance connection to safely dissipate static electricity in hazardous locations. It is powered by a replaceable lithium manganese battery, which provides up to 600 hours use when continuously connected, and has a shelf life of up to 10 years. For more information visit or call (732) 987-7715.

Fall Protection Vest
When visibility is needed, North Safety Product's Traffic Vest Harness will keep workers safer where the danger of falls and other accidents may be present. Made for fall arrest and work positioning, the proven FP700/3D nylon, vest-style, sized harness combined with a lightweight mesh traffic vest work together to protect workers. For more information visit or call (888) 422-3798.