May Hot Products

Flight Display Systems LCD Monitor
Flight Display Systems' 20-inch low profile LCD monitor fits both Gulfstream and Challenger aircraft. The FD201CV-LP accepts three video inputs, including Composite, S-Video, and Analog RGB (also referred to as VGA). The company recently received PMA approval from the FAA and from the original STC holder. Flight Display Systems now has PMA approval on LCD monitors of 7, 10.2, 15, and 20 inches in size. For more information visit or call (678) 867-6717.

Hobart Welding Gloves
Hobart Welding Products now offers two styles of form-fitted gloves that bring a new level of comfort to protective welding gear at a reasonable price. Designed to meet the durability demands of professionals and home hobbyists alike, the gloves are available in a Premium form-fitted natural-grain or a Rust/Black form-fitted split leather. The gloves have an absorbent lining that insulates against heat while providing comfort. Both designs feature finger patches to protect knuckles along with extra padding in the palm. Rugged Kevlar stitches resist heat, prolonging the life of the glove. For more information visit or call (877) 462-2781.

Streamlight LED Light
Streamlight Inc. offers the Night Com Xenon/LED, featuring multiple lighting modes including state-of-the-art LED night vision protection. The flashlight is ideal for pilots, aircraft mechanics, and other professionals who occasionally work under low-light conditions because it preserves and optimizes night vision. The light is the newest member of the company's Twin-Task series of flashlights, the only machined aluminum flashlights featuring a patented Xenon/LED combination for exceptional brightness and long run times. For more information visit or call (800) 523-7488.

Akzo Nobel Special Effect Coatings
A range of special effect coatings is now available from Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings (ANAC). Designers can select from Mica-based finishes or Iridescent /Interference finishes. Mica-based finishes are offered in Satin, Crystal, and Diamond effects and provide a sparkling, metallic-look finish that can appear silk-like, smooth and shimmery (Satin), a subtle glitter (Crystal), or star-like, sparkling (Diamond).  There are two topcoat ranges with identical end results: one approved by Boeing and one by Airbus. Special colors, to match or create corporate identities, can be supplied quickly to order. For more information visit or call (847) 625-3335.