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Engine Stand Kit Aircraft Tool Supply offers the ATS Aircraft Engine Stand kit. It is built to the same standards as its original Aircraft Engine Stand (65520CX). This kit comes with pre-drilled adapter blocks to fit most Continental and Lycoming...

Flex Handle Breaker Bar
Mac Tools offers the 1/2-inch Drive 15-inch Flex Handle Breaker Bar (V15E24F). This hinge handle bar is perfect for breaking tough nuts and bolts that have rusted and corroded. With one touch of a button, the breaker bar extends from 15 to 24 inches to provide extended reach and exceptional leverage. It meets the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard for hand tools. Mac Tools’ 1/2-inch drive flex handle bar is finished with a high polish nickel chrome surface for long-lasting corrosion resistance. It features a knurled grip for anti-slippage and better torque application. The head provides 180 degrees of access giving both control and flexibility. For more information call (800) MACTOOLS.

High Temperature Refrigerated Dryer
Moisture, oil, and dirt in compressed air lines hurt product quality, reduce productivity, and increase maintenance requirements in shop equipment. Kaeser Compressors’ High Temperature Refrigerated Dryer (HTRD) removes moisture and filters contaminants in one compact, easy-to-install, low-maintenance package. All HTRD models include a precooler/reheater, chiller, two-stage separator/filter, and automatic drain. They are designed to work well in environments where contaminant levels are high, and to handle high inlet temperatures. For more information call (800) 777-7873 or visit

Kraftform Comfort screwdrivers, from Wera Tools, offer professionals comfort, torque, and value for demanding applications. The line features the ergonomic Kraftform handle. Its shape is formed to the hand and allows fast and efficient fastening with little effort. The handle’s large, soft, black zone has varying roughness to help stop the tool from slipping in the hand. The unique shape provides additional gripping power and fast turning, while protecting the hand and arm. Kraftform Comfort screwdrivers also have markings on the end of the handle. The marking indicates the profile and size, thus making it easier for professionals to identify the right tool. The blades are made from high-grade steel and go through a special hardening process that makes the tools accurate and durable. This line also features Wera Tools’ black point screwdriver tip, which snuggly fits into the screw and prevents wear and damage caused by poor screwdriver tip fitting. For more information call (800) 267-5541 or visit

16-inch portable cooler
Port-A-Cool offers 16-inch variable speed models along with the variable speed 24- and 36-inch fan blade sizes. Producing more air than any previous 16-inch model, the variable-speed units crank out 4,000 cfm of delivered air. Plus, the units accomplish the higher airflow rating by utilizing a 1/3-hp fan motor that draws only 2.9 amps of power. These units from Port-A-Cool are available in two models. The 16-inch variable speed model has a 3-gallon built-in reservoir and it can be attached to a 3/4-inch garden hose for a continuous water supply. Like the other 16-inch Port-A-Cool units, it is available with an optional accessory cart with casters or can be used on a tabletop or workbench. The 16-inch variable-speed model with filler cart comes mounted on a roll around cart with casters and a 22-gallon water reservoir that eliminates the need for a garden hose or other outside water source. For more information or to locate a distributor near you, call (800) 695-2942 or visit

Welding Gloves
Hobart Welding Products offers two styles of form-fitted gloves that bring a new level of comfort to protective welding gear at a reasonable price. Designed to meet the durability demands of professionals and home hobbyists alike, the gloves are available in a Premium Form-Fitted natural-grain or a Rust/Black Form-Fitted split leather. The gloves have an absorbent lining that insulates against heat while providing comfort. Both designs feature finger patches to protect knuckles along with extra padding in the palm. Hobart Welding Products offers a complete line of industrial-grade stick, MIG, TIG, and spot welders, plasma cutters and generator/welding power sources designed for easy use. For more information visit or call 1-877-HOBART1 (462-2781).

5 mm Digital Videoscope
BorescopesRus offers a 5 mm digital videoscope kit. The kit consists of 5 mm diameter with two-way articulation, 1,300 mm long with AC/DC capability. It is battery powered for portability with a shoulder strap. The design concept of this unit targeted the requirements for a midpriced quality videoscope that was compact, portable, and capable of recording a running inspection video. The built-in hard drive allows a direct link and download to a computer for extended record keeping and/or transmission capability. For more information call (931) 362-4009 or visit

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