Open Letter: AMT Recognition

Call for grass-roots support of National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

How to make it happen

Besides bugging your company management to send letters of support of AMT Day to Congress, you need to send three emails of your own. One goes to your congressman in your district and the others go to your two senators. Getting in touch with your congressman or senator is as easy as making a new safety wire hole in your thumb. As soon as you read this, put the magazine down and get on Google or Yahoo or whatever your favorite search engine is and type in or Find your congressman and your senators’ email addresses and write an email that says something like this:

Honorable Congressman/Senator (Put in the appropriate name and title), My name is (your name), and live in (your town or city) and I am an aircraft mechanic/technician. I am writing to you regarding a very important bill that will come before you for a vote this session. The bill is House Resolution #444 and is cited as the “U.S. National Aviation Maintenance Technicians Recognition Day.” This bill, when passed into law will assign May 24 of each year as the National Aviation Maintenance Technicians Recognition Day. This will help recognize all the quiet heroes who for the last 100 years have labored without recognition to ensure that the thousands of aircraft that fly everyday are airworthy.

So, as my elected official I am asking you to co-sponsor this important piece of legislature along with Congressman Filner, and vote YES when the time comes. Thank you.                                                      

(Print and sign your name. A&P number is optional.) 

Some administrative notes

A few of you will figure that if you could send one email or a single letter with 114 names on it, you could make a major impact for the cause. Sorry, under the government way of doing business one letter or one email still counts only as one, no matter how many signatures are on it. Also, please try to personalize the email or letter with your own thoughts. If all the emails look like the sample I provided, it would have the same impact as sending your congressman a thousand Xerox birthday cards. After a while he would not read them anymore.

A warning

If we only send a light dusting of emails to Congress instead of the blizzard that is needed we will lose this third attempt at being recognized. I do not want to strike out! If we fight among ourselves to see who gets the credit, or assign blame, and in the process of name calling we forget the goal we are trying to achieve, then we lose our integrity. If we fail to win our recognition and lose our integrity in the process by pointing fingers, then perhaps we mechanics and technicians do not deserve to have our own day of recognition. Maybe then we will deserve the title of “semi-skilled laborer” or worst yet, to be forever referred to as “just a mechanic” by pilots, management, and the flying public.

Life is a series of choices, let’s make the right one!

Bill O’Brien
A&P 1809539 IA


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