Maximize Your Career Choice

Welcome to our ninth annual “Maximizing Your Career Choice” special issue of AMT. This month we take a slight detour from our normal editorial focus of technical and regulatory articles and concentrate on articles that can help you get the most out of a career in aircraft maintenance.

The reasons we chose to work in aircraft maintenance are as varied as the aircraft we work on. So too are the job opportunities in aviation. I always remember the advice my first crewleader gave me my first day on the job. She said, “Never burn any bridges in aviation. No matter how unhappy you are, always leave on good terms. You never know when you will bump into your former co-workers or supervisors again.”

Her words are more true today than they ever were. The job market has changed in the past several decades. The analogy of success being compared to climbing up the career ladder at your company one rung at a time has changed. Layoffs, corporate re-structuring, downsizing, or right-sizing are all buzzwords that we have become accustomed to. So changing jobs, whether by choice or by job situation, has become more prevalent.

We have something for everyone in this issue. Have you ever wondered how to write for a magazine like AMT? Barb Zuehlke offers some pointers on getting published on page 14. You can read Dave Coulter’s article here about how Part 147 students can become better prepared to enter the job field. Want to improve your interpersonal skills? Click here to learn from several experts how you can improve your “soft skills.”

We also have articles specifically for those who may be facing a job change. We have articles on job interview tips, starting a new job, and resume writing.

We have once again partnered with to get a look at what the current pay is for aircraft maintenance jobs. You can click here to read this year’s salary snapshot.

You have in your hands some tools for getting the most out of your career. What you do from here is up to you.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have comments on this or any issue, please send them to us. You can email me at or mail to:
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