Dear Administrator

A chance to offer a bit of advice to the new FAA Administrator

In closing, I want to thank you for allowing me to voice my opinions and concerns and again I wish you success in your new position.

Bill O’Brien, A&P 1809539

Well there you have it, my letter to the new FAA Administrator. Now while my ego believes that my letter will be read and acted on immediately, my experience with the bureaucracy tells me otherwise. But if the old adage that a “new broom sweeps clean” is valid and if the new Administrator received a couple of hundred letters on the same or similar maintenance-related subjects, chances are good that each of our proposals would receive an open ear.

An even better response could be anticipated if our maintenance trade organizations would pitch in together and bring these and similar issues forward by requesting face time with the new Administrator. Hmmm, mechanics and trade organizations working together to achieve a common goal — what a concept!

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