Be an Interview Ace

Plan for and conduct a successful job interview

Smooth finish
Closing the interview can be an awkward moment. You may feel the need to say more, but it is best to just thank them for the interview and briefly state what makes you qualified for the position. As soon as possible after the interview send a thank you note to anyone who was involved. Try to include something unique to your conversation with that person so it does not look like a generic attempt. It may even be a good idea to send a note to the receptionist thanking her for being helpful when directing you to your interview.

In a perfect world we will always have the time to prepare for every interview. Unfortunately we do not live in that perfect world and sometimes an interview is sprung on us so suddenly we have to cut corners. While cutting corners is not suggested if we have sufficient time to prepare, there is a way to do it. Bogardus suggests that when you only have a few hours or a day to prepare, focus on the three reasons why you are the right person for the job and conduct at least one dress rehearsal.

“How to Win Every Interview” by Raymond B. Bogardus is available at or Another great resource for aviation professionals is It offers a monthly or annual subscription service which offers access to job postings, resume and cover letter assistance, and interactive interview practice. Non-subscribers can also access helpful information on interview tactics and more. There are many resources out there; all that is needed is a lot of preparation.

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