AMTSociety Mx Logs Update

Corporate sponsor:
JettCare Aerospace Group

JettCare Aerospace Group, now a corporate sponsor of AMTSociety, is one of the original members of the United Services Line Maintenance Network. Based in Ontario, CA, it is an FAA 145 repair station. It is also EASA certified. It has achieved the FAA Diamond Award of Excellence in aircraft maintenance training.

Its services are characterized by professional expertise rooted in a combination of long years of experience, education, and hard work. Its goal is to establish long-term relations with our client companies and to provide them with competent, cost-effective, and efficient solutions.

JettCare employs highly trained and competent FAA certified airframe and power plant maintenance personnel. Maintenance services provided include basic aircraft maintenance, supervision of aircraft movements, primary maintenance, provision of aircraft spare parts, cabin cleaning and lavatory service, United Services Global Emergency Maintenance support, United Services training support, and United Services logistics support. Its personnel are accessible by phone around the clock, seven days a week.

Mission statement: “Our primary goal is to be the leading aircraft line maintenance provider nationwide. We operate our business with the highest degree of integrity and strive to exceed every customer’s expectation. We will strive to be recognized as the best in the industry for our reliability, dependability, and our service quality.”

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