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Toronto Pearson International Airport will install a total of 92 new common-use (CUSS) kiosks to streamline its transborder passenger operations. Sixty new self-service check-in kiosks for U.S.-bound travelers departing from Terminal 1 have already been placed in operation. Airport passenger technology provider ARINC Canada and partner, IBM Canada, are set to deliver another 32 kiosks for Terminal 3 later this year.
ARINC has also won a contract to install CUSS kiosks for international passengers at Japan’s Narita International Airport, Terminal 1. ARINC will install its enhanced SelfServTM CUSS kiosk technology, featuring JavaTM functionality.
Catcher Holdings, Inc. has launched the Catcher CONSOLE™ 1.0. The console is a Windows-based software application developed by Catcher that links Windows-based PCs and/or laptops together in a central command-and-control dashboard. The dashboard can be displayed and monitored simultaneously. In addition, the console allows central monitoring and access to streaming field unit video, audio, and desktop data via deployed handheld CATCHER unit cameras, microphones, and data screens, all without the PC or CATCHER user knowing they are being monitored.
International Engineering, Pro-ducts, and Consulting Corp. (IEPC) has created a new website that provides detailed information to customers. The site demonstrates how the IEPC VB400 intelligent HID lighting controls lower lighting energy costs by 40 to 60 percent while increasing performance and optimizing the efficiency of each lamp. Visitors can use a cost-savings generator to calculate how much they can save by using the VB400; compare the advantages versus fluorescent lighting; and become educated on this technology.
L-3 Communications announces that it has delivered 14 eXaminer 3DX® explosives detection systems, two networked eXaminer explosives detection systems (NEDS), and 23 PX-M checkpoint X-ray systems to Mexico City International Airport (AICM) as part of its airport expansion program. The comprehensive range of checkpoint security and explosives detection equipment is being deployed in the airport’s newly renovated Terminals 1 and 2.
PureTech Systems Inc. has installed its PureActiv® Wide Area Surveillance system at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. The installation of the system, enabled by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for homeland security, is intended to protect the perimeter of a fuel tank farm asset from potential threats and unwanted events.
SightLogix Inc. has released the SightSensor, an automated outdoor security surveillance camera with fully integrated analytic processing. SightSensor is designed as a secure IT device ready for integration in corporate IT networks without creating any data-security holes. Because all the processing is done within the camera, disruptions or errors on the communication links from the camera cannot affect detection reliability and range, or generate false alarms.
SITA, an IT solutions provider to airports, will provide BagManager, a tracking and reconciliation system for baggage at single and multi-airport locations, for John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport’s Terminal 4. BagManager has been developed to reconcile bags with passengers as they move through and between airports. The system provides positive passenger bag match, ensuring that passengers and their bags travel together on the same aircraft. JFK’s Terminal 4 processed 5.5 million bags last year.

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