Talking Business in Orlando

Service sector meets for Aviation Industry Expo, reformatted FBO conference

“Aviation is still a significant threat,” says Bryan, who expresses concern that the industry may be returning to pre-9/11 complacency.

Byran says TSA is in the midst of a weight-based study to determine how much to expand the 12/5 Rule, with an emphasis on aircraft that because of size are seen as a greater threat. She also relates that TSA is doing a total reevaluation of security requirements for the SIDA (Security Identification Display Area). The reevaluation will look at both commercial and general aviation airports in the process, she says.

FBO Marketing

On the subject of business practices, Scott Fowler, marketing manager with AirBP, offered a broad overview with informational tips to form an original and creative marketing strategy and steer FBO marketing strategies away from “I’m a full-service FBO.”

“There are no true gurus in marketing,” Fowler says. The trick is trying to appeal to the customer’s wants and needs with advertising that causes them to react in 30 seconds or less. In an advertisement, an FBO has to identify its audience and tell them why they should choose the FBO and where they can find it.

Fowler states that it will take about $30,000-50,000 for a company to kick start an effective marketing campaign. The initial investment should be backed by a four- to ten-percent revenue commitment each year that’s dedicated to marketing if the campaign is to be successful.

Fowler refers to show souvenirs as trinkets and trash, an example of marketing money poorly spent. “I don’t like squishy things,” he says. “Spend a little extra. It makes more of an impression.”

Spending money wisely is also applicable to Web and print-based advertising and Fowler stresses the importance in hiring original and creative PR expertise when building a website or constructing an ad. Get the “best media money can buy.

Even though print remains the biggest advertising medium, according to Fowler, he says that one of the most useful tools for an FBO is a company blog [web log]. With a little effort and a simple daily e-blast about weather conditions, current events, and anything else that may be of interest, an FBO “can turn the blog into a new world of communication.”

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