Doubling Up in Montreal

Aero Toy Store, successful at Ft. Lauderdale Executive, gets a foothold in Canada

“The people that are heading ADM are good and sensible,” he says. “They know what it means to have to go out and borrow money to build on a piece of land that you don’t own. At least ADM responds to your request and listens to you, which is different than dealing with a government agency.”

Future Growth: vancouver a possibility
While there are no immediate plans to expand the business with a new location, COO Shirazi won’t rule out the possibility of moving into Western Canada.

“We’re always exploring new ventures, but we’re looking to further development and focus on current facilities,” he says. Shirazi also suggests that an operation in Vancouver may not be too far off in the future, but suggests such growth will be taken with a measured approach.

“We’re not looking at expanding in many facilities all at one time; we’re looking at building each facility we have to be the best in its class — then we’ll continue to expand in a new facility once that is done,” Shirazi says.

“It is imperative to us that when a customer is coming in on a private aircraft, we believe that everything needs to be to the highest standards. For us, the service really is the most important part.”

“Customers need to see that we’re there not only out to grab their money, but they want to see that you’re investing, that you’re in it for the long term,” Jaksi says. “They want to know you’re not going to walk away in six months … We look at ourselves as a brand more than anything. We’ll take care of our customer from start to finish and throughout the way.”

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Former associate editor David Mantey and contributing editor Jodi Richards contributed to this report.

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