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The Airport Surface Detection Equipment, Model X system (ASDE-X) from Sensis Corporation is now operational at Louisville International Airport.
The FAA is in the process of deploying the ASDE-X system to a total of 35 of the nation’s airports. The system is currently operational and commissioned at nine airports, including Louisville International Airport.

ASDE-X uses surface movement radar, transponder multilateration and ADS-B sensors to provide air traffic controllers with an accurate picture of the location and identity of aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface.

The system detects and alerts controllers to potential aircraft and vehicle collision situations and enables controllers to more safely and efficiently manage movement on the airport surface.
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has collaborated with FS Codespear to develop and deploy a new “Scenario Manager” module. The module is an integrated incident planning and execution tool that defines “Tiered Response Plans” based on incident events and their dependencies with other tasks, resources, and procedures.

“The interoperable FS Codespear SmartMsg system enables over 1,000 emergency management, first responder, and aviation department personnel to prepare and respond to incidents with greater coordination than previously possible,” says Paul Hamersly, Deputy Aviation Director - Technology at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has registered ASC as a supplier of communication recording solutions.

All of ASC’s registered equipment meets requirements to record, archive, and play back air traffic communications in compliance with ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices. ASC’s systems offer redundant architecture that minimizes the possibility of mechanical failure, and helps air-traffic controllers focus on the current situation.
Worlsdpan L.P. is now offering advance online check-in, complete with boarding passes, to customers 24 hours before their flight times. Midwest Airplines is the charter participating airline, with more carriers planned.

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