Passenger Stairs, Lifts, Boarding Bridges and Docking Equipment

Mobile Boarding Stairs NMC-WOLLARD offers a choice of three mobile boarding stairs. Models 170 and 228 (door sill reach 170- and 228-feet respectively) are ramp-engineered with integral chassis, rub rail, modular engine/transmission, excellent...

ACCESSAIR's broad range of towable and truck-mounted airstairs are available in crew and parallelogram models, as well as telescoping units, in order to enhance passenger safety and comfort. Many models are also available with clearview covers and single or double canopy systems to mate with aircraft and/or airport buses. The dual-canopy system, offered as an option on ACCESSAIR's APS airstair, offers full protection from the elements during transfer between the aircraft and the airport bus. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #31.

WingMan Luggage Lift

JetBridge Technology, Inc. offers the patented WingMan™ Luggage Lift for gate-checked luggage which provides for superior customer service, efficiency, flexibility, safety and cost savings. The WingMan™ may be mounted on the rotunda, bridge cab, walkway or terminal and accommodates motorized wheelchairs and strollers with ease. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #36.

New Products

Bird Spike 2007

Bird-B-Gone's new Bird Spike 2007 is a low cost, effective and permanent solution in bird control. Bird Spike 2007 prevents birds from landing or roosting and comes in three, five and eight-inch widths. It will not cut or injure the installer and carries a 10-year guarantee. Bird-B-Gone products will not harm birds and are recommended by major animal rights groups.
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180-degree Rotating Cabin Lift Truck

The Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corporation's new EFG D30 is the first lift truck designed with a full 180-degree rotating cabin that significantly reduces operator injury and eliminates obstructed views and lengthy reverse travel by allowing the operator to rotate the cabin to face the direction of travel. This truck is the ideal solution for transporting high, stacked pallets, loading/unloading trucks from one side and moving large containers. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #38.

Potable Water Cabinets

GNY Equipment's Potable Water Cabinets are UL listed units that expedite dispensing of potable water to aircraft in congested loading locations through 200-foot hoses. Cabinets are double-wall, insulated and heated stainless steel with two large doors and can be mounted or flush through terminal wall, on the loading-bridge pedestal or free standing. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #41.

400Hz Aircraft Cable Hoist

MCM Engineering's Aircraft Cable Hoist is designed for easy installation and low maintenance. The heavy gauge, sheet-metal construction allows the hoist to be mounted in numerous configurations on the loading bridge. The hoist can be mounted on the side of the bridge cab or installed with steel supports from the top of the bridge. 24VAC controls are located in a separate control enclosure integrally housed in the hoist enclosure. Operation of the hoist is from a pushbutton on the loading bridge base or in the aircraft cable head. Features: stainless steel hoist cable, UL listed components, NEMA four enclosure, includes cable saddle. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #42.

Toyota FCHV-F

Using hydrogen as its main power source, the Toyota FCHV-F produces electricity without combustion and generates zero carbon dioxide emissions. Overall operating costs are reduced due to less fuel consumption and lower maintenance. Maintenance is significantly lower than electric lift trucks, whose batteries must be periodically charged, refilled with water and replaced. In addition, the fuel cell hybrid system ensures constant power delivery and performance, eliminating the reduction in voltage output that occurs as batteries discharge. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #43.

Pallet Handling Attachment

The Anver Corporation's VT-PLA Pallet Lifting Attachment fits their VT-Series tube lifters to let one person lift and stack multiple pallets using the vacuum up/down controls. Featuring lightweight aluminum extruded forks with an adjustable balance point that can fit pallets up to 48 square inches, the attachment provides faster handling than a hoist based system or two people stacking. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #46.

Product Resource

Express Heat Deicer

Premier's Model MT43P21 "Express Heat" Deicer contains 2,100 gallons of fluid storage capacity with 180-degree (fahrenheit) fluid within 90 seconds utilizing the "Express Heat" 4.2 million BTU heating system. A double knuckle, telescoping and articulating aerial lift is forward mounted for greater versatility and visibility of the operator. Options include: enclosed basket, single person drive system, proportioning system, extended reach lift and Guardian Angle Monitoring System for remote access to deicer from hub. Click "e-inquiry" and enter #47.

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