What is wrong with Management today? 

All is not well in the corporate world. Contrary to some opinions, people do not just job-hop for the fun of it or because they are irresponsible. Stress is up and morale is down.

6.  The Manager has no idea what he is doing.  He may have transferred from a different department/industry and be out of his depth in his new role.  Whenever employees ask for advice, he may fob them off with excuses or tell them to sort it out themselves - which is not quite the empowerment they are looking for.  Empowerment without guidelines and guidance is foolish.

Action:  A Manager should be familiar with all the roles in his department and be able to step in to help any employee at any time.  If saving face is important, a manager can always approach this learning phase by telling each employee that he wants a more thorough understanding of their job in order to be more helpful and be able to discuss their role more knowledgeably.  The employee will appreciate this interest and should be encouraged to take the opportunity to suggest alternative ways of doing things.  A healthy rapport and mutual trust can be established in this way between employees and a new Manager.

7.  Some managers are dictators and look over their employee's shoulders every step of the way.  Of course, this Manager thinks he can do it better and that his way is the only right way to do it. He refuses to listen to other ideas and suggestions.

Action:  Managers need to delegate the task then step back and allow the employee to do it.  It doesn't matter how it is done, just as long as it gets done on time and with the preferred result.  Managers do need to be available and ready if the employee needs guidance or assistance, otherwise, they should stay out of their way and let them get on with what they've been asked to do.  Regular meetings can be held to discuss the progress of projects, or weekly reports can be handed in to the manager so he knows the status.  Managers need to ask their employees for their ideas and suggestions and find ways to incorporate good ideas, and then, give credit where credit is due.

8.  Modern day managers have even less of a clue how to manage today's workforce than they did in the past.  The younger workers have totally different work ethics and belief systems than their parents.  Managing today's younger workforce with traditional management methods does not work.  They will not be 'managed'.  They do, however, respond favorably to coaching and mentoring - which is the new way to 'manage' the workforce.

Action:  Management can hire an outside Professional Coach or send their Managers and Executives to learn Coaching skills which they can bring back into their role.  Managers become "Coaches" and "Mentors" themselves - allowing employees to manage themselves effectively.

9.  An insecure or immature Manager can sabotage the career paths of those he perceives as a threat to his position or who make him feel inadequate.   Instead of utilizing the brilliant minds in his department effectively, he creates an environment in which he establishes himself as the supreme authority.  He may belittle others in an effort to make himself look smarter.  The department does not function as well as it could because talents are not being utilized.  The Manager lets his ego get in the way.

Action:  Managers need to accept that it is impossible to know everything there is to know and that there will always be those more and less smarter than themselves, and not take a particularly intelligent employee's ability as a personal affront to their own position.  Managers who help their workers with their own personal career goals are generally held in high esteem by their workers, their peers, and senior management.  Furthermore, the person thus promoted will remember who helped him get there… and it always pays to have friends in high places!  Rather than be jealous or feel 'less' because a subordinate has been promoted to a higher position, a Manager should take pride in knowing that his employee got 'there' with his help!

10.  Managers who are too "full of themselves", impressed by their own level of authority, and on an "ego trip" expect to be put on a pedestal and worshipped and become resentful when their employees fail to react accordingly.  Communication breaks down as does respect and the department becomes dysfunctional.

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