On the Horizon

GSE maintenance goes paperless when Horizon Air teams with Gryphyn Works to solve GSE management and work flow challenges.

Gryphyn software can be likened to legos. Start with the base platform and add a different size or color Lego as the need presents itself. Horizon is currently beta-testing another part of the software, developed to address Horizon’s very real concerns regarding emergency situations such as a deicer malfunctioning at one of its stations or the need to communicate to 47 cities within 12 hours TSA’s mandate of no lotions more than 3 ounces in carry-on luggage. The emergency reporting and communication alert system provides immediate notification to supervisors via cell phones, email and text messages.

In addition, there is discussion underway of developing a “lost and found” system that would track and provide accurate information in a timely fashion. However, even with the best equipment and computer systems, equipment is equipment and doesn’t amount to anything until you add the people. There is no technology that will fix poor management…but it can make a good management team great.

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