Military Application Products and Services

Military Application Products and Services

Mohawk LiftsMohawk Lifts
Mohawk Lifts is a supplier for government, state, utility and fleet lifting requirements. Mohawk’s products are based on a combination of safety systems, design, construction and an inclusive warranty. Mohawk offers environmentally safe, above-ground service lifts with capacities ranging from 6,000 to 320,000 pounds.

Desert TFX Hot Rough OutDesert TFX Hot Rough Out
The new Desert TFX Hot incorporates Danner’s own Hot technology, specially created with a breathable Dri-Lex liner to reduce heat fatigue and perform in the extreme conditions of urban and desert combat. In addition, it’s constructed of durable rough out leather that meets tough military specifications.

50-foot Welding Cable reel50-foot Welding Cable Reel
Reelcraft Industries new lighter weight reel for gas welding applications offers easy storage of welding cable, allowing longer cable service life while providing an extra edge for safety. The STW3450 OLP holds 50 feet of 1/4-inch twin welding hose for use with oxygen/acetylene gasses. Features include a snap ring that exposes seals in the event they should need replacement, corrosion resistant outer casing made from tough, UV-stabilized polypropylene material and a long-life drive spring is made from high-grade spring steel and conditioned to remove imperfections.

Aircraft Oxygen & Nitrogen systemsAircraft Oxygen & Nitrogen systems
AERO Specialties manufactures three-bottle and four-bottle oxygen and nitrogen systems for aircraft servicing. Systems can be configured according to customer requirements and can include boosters, regulators, adapters, service gauges and spare parts kits.

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