Military Application Products and Services

Military Application Products and Services

PF Fishpole HoistsPF Fishpole Hoists
The Fishpole Hoist is a lightweight lifting device for removal and installation of heavy equipment from aircraft. This product provides a boot strap lifting solution for hundreds of military applications on virtually all military aircraft models.

Military Reservoir Servicing UnitMilitary Reservoir Servicing Unit
Tronair’s Military Reservoir Servicing Unit, NSN 4940-01-504-5279, is designed for the Apache, Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters. It offers a sight glass, sealed fill cap with pressure relief and vacuum break, bulkhead plate for installation of Q.D coupling, transparent return line for purging air and adapter fittings for connecting Q.D. couplings.

AV70 solar-powered LED airfield lightsAV70 solar-powered LED airfield lights
Avlite Systems’ AV70 solar-powered LED airfield lights are setup throughout Iraq by the US Army for strategic installations and across Australia by the Royal Flying Doctor Service for remote emergency airstrips. These completely self-contained units can be installed within minutes, creating reliable, maintenance-free airfields.

High output 12 & 24 volt lightsHigh output 12 & 24 volt lights
Fire Research Corporations’ Optimum series of emergency scene lighting is now available for the aviation ground support industry. The 150 watt HID ( High Intensity Discharge) is revolutionary for the light it puts out versus the required power. The Optimum has a highly polished reflector, two optimizing mirrors, a large curved front lens and an exclusive ‘head down’ shape that maximizes and focuses 100 percent of the light directly where its needed most. It is engineered for fast restrikes, even when hot. Lamphead mounting options include adjustable telescopic poles, pedestals, roof brackets and recessed boxes.

64251 Heavy Duty nozzle64251 “Heavy Duty” nozzle
The new 64251 “Heavy Duty” nozzle from Carter Ground Fueling offers a self-adjusting pressure loaded nose seal and is leak free under extreme side loads, worn adapters, extreme temperatures and austere conditions. Available with the D-3 universal inlet.

Optima BatteriesOptima Batteries
Military Battery Systems, Inc. offers advanced Spiralcell batteries for military GSE. High power, long life and totally sealed. Also available: power products, conditioner/charger, Navy approved for GSE battery maintenance.

Cargo Restraints- Nets & StrapsCargo Restraints-Nets & Straps
Cargo Systems Inc. offers cargo restraint nets and tiedown straps including military CGU-1/B straps, helicopter hoist nets and tiedown hardware. Cargo Systems has designs available for aircraft interior cargo restraint and extensive experience in custom designs and OEM coordination.

Solar Powered Aviation WindsockSolar Powered Aviation Windsock
Carmanah Technologies Corp. is a manufacturer of solar-powered LED lighting and solar power systems for the aviation industry. Combining Carmanah’s Microsource™ and solar technology with an internally lit swivel windsock system, Carmanah’s windsock solar lighting features high visibility, easy installation and zero maintenance regardless of environmental conditions.

AGE Casters and WheelsAGE Casters and Wheels
For more than 50 years, Albion Industries has been manufacturing casters and wheels serving many markets including the aviation/ground support and automotive. Many products are available with 24-hour shipping with the Caster Express Program. Albion is the exclusive caster and wheel manufacturer of Vulkollan and the Never-Flat Tires in North America.

Safe-T-Alert 2200Safe-T-Alert 2200
The new Safe-T-Alert 2200 forward horns from Superior Signals produce a 107dB continuous tone when activated. The horns measure 4x2x3.5 inches and are built with encapsulated solid state electronics. The 2200 Series horns feature a black ABS housing that resists moisture, dust and vibration and can be sprayed clean. The horns survive in temperatures ranging from -40 to 165 degrees farenheit and operatewith voltages from 12 to 48, requiring only an input current of .4A at 28 VDC.

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