Deicing and Anti-icing Equipment

SDI Aviation designs, manufactures, distributes and supports the SUPERIOR® line of aircraft ground service equipment. Its worldwide customer base includes aircraft manufacturers, airlines, couriers and airport authorities.

No. 3563 IceFox Monitor The Akron Brass No. 3563 IceFox
Monitor is a remote-controlled electric monitor with flows up to 500 gpm and is well suited for deicing applications. It is available with automatic oscillation and stow options and is also available in 12 or 24-volt.

Multi-Functional Airfield Equipment
The Hagie GST20 by Fortbrand Services Inc., is a multi-functional, multi-seasonal piece of airfield maintenance equipment. It has multiple attachments for runway/taxiway deicing, pesticide & herbicide spraying, runway/taxiway edge light cleaning and grass mowing.

Premier Deicers
Premier Engineering and Manufacturing Inc. offers mobile deicing equipment ranging in size from 250 gallons to 2,500 gallons. Premier’s deicers will accommodate any size aircraft with reach capacities from 35 to 65 feet. Three-year parts and labor warranty and complimentary summer inspections insure the unit is operational when needed.

Glycol Recovery Vehicle
The Glycol Recovery Vehicle (GRV) from Elgin Sweeper is engineered for quick and efficient removal of glycol and other deicing fluid run-off. The specialty sweeper’s high air flow, wide sweep path and efficient separation of glycol and ice result in fast, clean glycol pick-up.

Tempest Deicers
The FMC Technologies Tempest Deicers feature a single engine heavy-duty custom chassis with a swing-out power module for easy access to all major components. Optional AirFirst™ forced air and proportional mix fluid systems have proven effective in reducing glycol use. Tempest deicers provide operators with a lower total cost of ownership.

Surface Patrol™ temperature sensor
The Surface Patrol by Quixote Transportation Technologies, Inc., is a mobile temperature sensor that measures the ambient temperature. It also features a non-contact infrared sensor for measuring pavement temperature. Airport operators, cities, counties, municipalities and state DOTs use Surface Patrol to detect possible freezing temperatures on the pavement.

Global Premium Blend System
Global Ground Support’s Premium Blend System uses a mixture of water and deicing fluid in a fourth or “blending” tank instead of at the nozzle. Global’s Premium Blend System consists of a 2,200-gallon, 4-tank system: 300-gallon anti-icing, 700-gallon deicing, 950-gallon water and 250-gallon blend tank. The control system will maintain a set mixture of deicing fluid to water blend ratio in the blend tank.

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First PC-Based Weight Indicator
Tracer® AVi, by Rice Lake Weighing Systems, frees up check-in agent work space and allows critical weight data to be integrated in real-time. Residing on a PC, the Tracer AVi program looks and acts like a traditional weight indicator, but only maximizes on the screen when a weight threshold, such as 50 pounds, is exceeded. This alerts agents to overweight bags, and prompts them to satisfy the situation by collecting a fee or reducing the weight of the bag.

Engineered Precision Towing Equipment
Lynco Tugger’s Hydra-Tug’s maneuverability is more advanced than conventional tow tractors. The tractor features a zero degree turning radius and a clear view of the tow hitch at all times. Operators can maneuver through the tightest spots with ease. Because the unit is hydraulically driven it can prevent safety accidents due to operator panic. If a driver lets go of the levers of the tow tractor it will stop abruptly.

The Douglas Kalmar TBL600 towbarless aircraft tractor is now formally approved by Airbus for pushback, inter-gate and higher speed maintenance towing operations with the Airbus A380/A380F aircraft.

Towable Utility Gate
Scale Products Company’s
“TUG” or Towable Utility Gate can be used for airport security checkpoints, traffic control, parking, during emergencies, accidents, incidents and dozens of other routine applications. The American made TUG can be towed by all vehicles including golf carts and easily positioned by hand. The TUG can cycle the horizontal swinging arm thousands of times between charges.

GSE Service Tracker
OEM Data Delivery introduces the GSE Service Tracker, a radio-frequency technology that tracks and transmits to headquarters, detailed information on dispensed fuel, equipment utilization and equipment maintenance tasks, for use in reporting, purchasing and decision-making. GSE Service Tracker tracks location, the equipment in service, date/time, work classification and service tasks performed on passenger bridges and lifts, catering trucks, baggage handling systems and fuel trucks.

Passenger Boarding Bridges
ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems installs passenger boarding bridges to dock the A380 aircraft. The latest successful docking of the double stand bridges onto the A380 aircraft was hosted by Los Angeles International Airport in April.