Worldwide Directory 2007-2008

You need the people in this directory, therefore you need us, and we want to provide you with the most comprehensive worldwide resource for the ground support industry.

In the pages of this issue you will find the names and contact information of GSE manufacturers, suppliers, ground handling companies and more.
As the staff at Ground Support Worldwide prepared the 2007 directory, we began to reflect on the state of the industry and the challenges facing it.

After speaking with several industry experts, it became clear there are two major concerns commonly cited in discussions: continued price point pressure and qualified employee retention.

According to some in the industry, the pressure to reduce costs has become overwhelming. Airlines are watching their wallets closely and looking to cut expenses whenever and wherever possible, therefore they continue to outsource their ground handling. Ground handling companies are in fierce competition to land contracts that benefit the airline yet are profitable for the ground handling company. Some in the industry predict the carriers will bring the maintenance operations in house.

Another concern we’ve been hearing for years and one that continues to worry industry insiders, is the lack of qualified personnel. Many of you have told us it is difficult for our industry to find skilled mechanics who possess the ability to advance to management levels. Cargo carriers are experiencing tremendous turnover in their cargo handling divisions. Ground Support Worldwide’s purpose is to assist our industry with alleviating problems. Keep an eye out for more editorial tackling this important issue.

Other developments noted over the past year include new product lines, continued growth in Asia, an increasing amount of GSE manufactured by large auto companies like Toyota and the airlines’ return to profitability. Ground Support Worldwide looks forward to bringing you the latest news on these topics and more through our redesigned Web site and editorial in our issues. We look forward to watching the industry’s evolution and keeping our readers up to date!

View the Ground Support Worldwide directory in PDF format here.

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