AMTSociety Benevolence

I was recently made aware, while visiting with one of our top advertisers for AMT magazine, that perhaps we are not doing enough to let people know the extent to which AMTSociety is contributing to the industry.

“I’m not a big fan of AMTSociety,” this advertiser said.

“Why not?” I asked. He explained that he felt that because AMTSociety isn’t a not-for-profit organization, it was not working to support and promote the profession — and that AMTSociety was “Just in it for the money.”

I explained that the for-profit status of AMTSociety actually was a benefit to its members. As a for-profit association, we need to keep members coming back so we can grow the association. In order to keep members coming back, we need to provide exceptional benefits and services. For example, we provide free IA renewal online, free access to our face-to-face seminars, and have been providing a $50 Brown Tool gift card with your membership (an offer that expires March 31). And that’s not all. AMTSociety conducts monthly prize drawings for its members, and provides free access to the Aviation Industry Expo (March 18 -20, Dallas, TX,

I also explained that AMTSociety, early in 2007, established a scholarship fund with the help of the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association (AMTA) under AMTA’s non-profit status. This scholarship money is handled independently from AMTSociety and is intended for distribution to individuals in pursuit of an aircraft maintenance career, or in furthering their maintenance career. More than $3,000 has been raised to date and more is anticipated during Aviation Industry Expo in March. In fact, the golf outing on Monday of the show, the Texas Hold-’Em tournament, the skills competition, and the toolbox raffle at the show are all being conducted expressly for the purpose of scholarship fundraising.

But that’s not all. AMTSociety’s Executive Director, Tom Hendershot, resides on many influential boards and committees in which decisions are being made daily about AMT education, maintenance regulations, repair station regulations, and more! The Executive Director’s mission is to represent mechanics at these important meetings. For example, Tom is a member of the recently established Part 147 Aviation Rulemaking and Advisory Committee (ARAC) for re-writing repair station regulations.

In addition, AMTSociety works closely with other trade organizations such as National Air Transportation Association (NATA) as part of its Aircraft Maintenance and System Technology Committee, and organizations such as the National Center for Aircraft Technician Training (NCATT) by partnering to advance higher standards for the aircraft maintenance community.

AMTSociety membership count is approaching 2,000. Yes, 2,000 maintenance personnel have joined; three regular chapters and three student chapters have been established, more than 25 companies have become corporate sponsors, several A&P schools have incorporated an AMTSociety membership into their registration, and more are joining each day.

“You should tell more people about this,” this client said. “I didn’t know any of this.”

So here I am, telling the world that AMTSociety is about providing resources and benefits to mechanics. It’s about partnership, education, positive thinking, promoting the profession, and supporting our brothers and sisters who keep aircraft airworthy.

I encourage all maintenance personnel to help us build the strongest maintenance association in history — one that supports and represents our profession, and encourages growth and professionalism. The more of you that join, the stronger your voice will become.

Go to and join today!

Greg Napert
Proud to be an A&P