Aircraft Modifications

Implications for continued airworthiness and corrosion control

In addition to the inspection criteria required within each ICA, the operator will need to provide a corrosion prevention and control program process that explains how discovered corrosion will be evaluated and how recurring inspections will be established and by whom. In many cases, the appropriate corrective action will be a new specific inspection of that area at new intervals. These resultant inspection requirements must also be tracked to ensure corrosion control.

This is something that can really sneak up on an operator. Establishing and getting a CPCP authorized by the FAA will take some time. Get in touch with the manufacturer and find out how soon to expect to need to do this. I suggest planning six months to one year to get prepared to implement your program.

Joe Hertzler is the CEO and co-founder of Avtrak Inc., provider of the industry’s first Internet-based and compliance-focused maintenance tracking service — Avtrak GlobalNet. Avtrak has earned a solid reputation for having the most comprehensive and easy-to-use compliance management system and service in the industry. Avtrak’s GlobalNet technology is the engine behind Gulfstream and Sikorsky HelotracII. GlobalNet is the system of choice for many operators of more than 140 models including Bombardier, Hawker/Beechcraft, and Dassault Falcon aircraft.

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