AMTSociety Mx Logs Update

Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program The FAA/Industry AMT Committee convened in Nashville, TN, July 8 to 10 for the purpose of rewriting Advisory Circular 65-25D for the program. Committee members are Tom Hendershot, chairman; Jennnifer C...

His remains were flown back to Columbus, OH. Steve was not married and he did not have any children. The aircraft left out of gate C8 and it was surrounded by a couple hundred AMTs, management, and secretaries. After the casket was loaded onto the aircraft by his friends, fellow mechanics then split up and formed two lines, and “walked” the aircraft off the gate.

As the engines started the two lines of AMTs stretched out to form a corridor all the way to the taxiway. The aircraft taxied away. As it did, the Captain opened his window and waved to everyone. By now all the passengers were all waving out the windows. As the aircraft reached the beginning of the taxiway there were two fire trucks waiting and they gave a water-cannon salute.

This was all done because Steve belonged to a proud craft and profession where regardless of the uniform you wear we are all the same: craftsmen.
— Ken MacTiernan

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