The Letter

Career advice to high school seniors

In closing, I must apologize for not writing a more glowing description of the aviation maintenance profession worthy of a politician’s promise. But I promised you the truth. We mechanics by nature are not very sensitive folks so we find it hard to really describe what aviation means to us, the work we do, and what it is all about.

Perhaps the best way to describe what it is like to be a mechanic is a description of our profession taken from an FAA poster celebrating the 100th anniversary of flight.

“The sun glinting off the wings of an aircraft high in the sky is a tribute to the pilot’s skills who took it there.

“The white line behind the aircraft is the autograph of the mechanic whose technical skills keep it there.”

That’s what aircraft mechanics do. We keep it there! Wishing you the best in whatever career you choose.

Best regards,
Bill O’Brien
A&P 1809539 IA

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