Director's Viewpoint

Like many of you, I have read thousands of editorials. This is the first I have written.

As I ponder what would be an interesting and worthwhile read, I can’t help but be attuned to what is going on in our financial markets and in D.C.

Not taking political sides, I think most of you would agree that government was asleep at the wheel and that main street America has been hurt by the fallacies of Wall Street. Just how much so and to what degree is subject to whatever legislation is passed in the way of a “bailout” or “rescue,” as some prefer to call it. Regardless, clear and transparent mechanisms must be put in place through bipartisan efforts.

Fair and equalizing legislation must be voted in so that some do not prosper excessively and those that deserve it receive the assistance that is needed. The taxpayers will pay for this with the anticipation of receiving a return for the investment.

How does this relate to the aviation maintenance professional? To begin with, what we are talking about with this financial mess is the lack of proper government oversight and the politicians not taking care of the people that put them in office. Likewise, can A&Ps expect proper governmental oversight of their profession if there is no one representing their interests in D.C.? Ill-fashioned rules and regulations, while not the norm, are too often considered for passage because someone other than the A&P is promoting passage. Foreign rules and regulations have begun to impinge on how you do business.

And who is to blame? Can you really expect the rules people to know what it takes to do your job properly, efficiently, and safely if you don’t tell them? Sure, many government regulators have licenses, but for the most part many have not practiced or used the license for years. A&Ps need a “voice” in D.C. at the door of government espousing their interests and needs. Otherwise each has no one to blame when and if their “market” goes south.

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