Eddy Current Technology

An update for aircraft engine inspections

An eddy current array method was developed specifically for this application resulting in a significant time-savings. A new eddy current array was developed composed of 32 sensors shaped in a way to fit the dovetail contour. This probe is attached to a holder designed for the application. The operator simply puts the probe in place and pushes it only one time through the dovetail. This one-pass inspection assures full-coverage of the dovetail areas. The C-scan mapping displayed on the instrument also helps the operator to localize position of a defect and to size it. The inspection time is reduced dramatically while the reliability of the inspection is increased resulting in an important gain for the inspectors.

Eddy current array is a new technology that is used successfully in many different fields. Portable and easy to operate, the Omniscan ECA makes the use of EC arrays easy. The main advantages of the ECA technology are increasing inspection speed, better reliability due to C-scan imaging, and better reproducibility and probability of detection due to the coverage of the whole surface assured by the array.

Andre Lamarre is Business Development Director, Aerospace and Defense for Olympus NDT.

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