The AMT Toolbox

While staff changes are not out of the norm, I’d like to describe what’s in the AMT toolbox.

Nick Sergi is our Director of Content, and he will help us stay focused on critical issues with his industry contacts from his years of being involved in the industry through FlightSafety and PAMA.

Charles Chandler is our Field Editor. Previously he was a regional director of training operations for maintenance. He is an A&P and received training at Spartan College of Aeronautics. He has worked at American Airlines as the director of its Maintenance Training Academy at Midway in Chicago among other training and professional development positions.

Stephen Prentice, an A&P and a lawyer, has been with us since the start of the magazine 20 years ago and he will be an Associate Editor to help follow industry trends and keep us up to date on legal issues affecting mechanics.

Joe Hertzler and Jim Sparks, both A&Ps and regular contributors, cover regulations and avionics technology, respectively. They will remain with us and offer articles covering their areas of expertise.

Scott Fisher is another new contributor. Based in Iowa, he received his A&P from Dakota Aero Technical College in Fargo, ND. His previous positions include teaching aviation technology at the Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI, and writing technical articles for manufacturers.

Tom Hendershot, Executive Director of AMTSociety, is extending his reach into the industry with involvement on FAA and other industry committees and boards. This will help keep AMT and ultimately you up on what’s going on in industry associations. And AMTSociety will continue to offer recurrency training with its IA renewal roadshows throughout the year.

Dionne Shearer is back with us as Associate Editor after a brief venture into other magazines here at Cygnus. She brings to the position a love of writing and a willingness to learn that makes her a great asset.

We plan on adding a Technical Editor with an A&P background to ensure you, the readers, receive the information that is relevant to what you do and how you can do it better to advance in your career.

And then there’s me, Barb Zuehlke, as Senior Editor. I helped edit the magazine when it first launched and have been on the editorial staff as managing editor since 2001. I have a journalism background and years of publishing experience to deliver what readers want.

The sales side is headed by Jon Jezo as Associate Publisher, with Julie Suhr covering the Western states, Denise Rimmer the Eastern states, and Bennett Davis on classifieds.

We’re all dedicated to keeping the AMT brand the No. 1 resource in the aircraft maintenance industry.

Thanks for reading.