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Briefings ... 2008 Emergency Response guidebook — is the first release of the ERG since 2004, containing new information for first responders in the event of an incident involving hazardous materials; visit or call...

Briefings ...

2008 Emergency Response guidebook — is the first release of the ERG since 2004, containing new information for first responders in the event of an incident involving hazardous materials; visit or call 1-800-621-5808.

AAAE — American Assn. of Airport Executives’ president Chip Barclay calls on Congress to approve lapsed contract authority for airport construction grants as part of any future economic stimulus package. Barclay notes that Congress has already approved more than $3.5 billion in funding for the federal Airport Improvement Program as part of the FY2008 omnibus spending package, but a failure to provide contract authority for AIP prevents FAA from releasing the funds to airports.

ACI-NA — Airports Council Inter-national-North America joins with U.S. Commercial Aviation Partnership (USCAP) partners, including TSA, AAAE and ATA, to consider research and analysis efforts for 2008. Issues USCAP will be looking at include implementation of the cargo-screening mandate by Congress, issues surrounding consideration of a secondary commercial airliner flight deck barrier and current impacts on air travel demand due to the security “hassle factor” and security events.

  • ACI-NA airport members and other industry stakeholders develop operational recommendations to care for passengers who are stranded on airplanes or at airports due to air space congestion or flight delays. At a Passenger Care During Irregular Operations meeting, participants committed to ensuring that passengers stranded on airlines or at airports are supplied with information and amenities that will help address their unique needs and make their waiting period more comfortable. Participants outlined a passenger care checklist that will be made available to the soon-to-be-formed DOT Contingency Plan Task Force, the goal of which is to create model plans to assist airports and airlines coordinate more effectively during irregular operations.

American airlines — and members of the Transport Workers Union Local 530 (TWU) at the American aircraft overhaul base in Kansas City, MO, achieve their “Breakthrough Goal” by generating $152.5 million in value creation — a combination of productivity improvements, cost reductions, and new revenue.

AOPA Air Safety Found-ation — releases the 2007 Joseph T. Nall Report, an analysis of general aviation accidents from the previous year. The report shows that GA accidents are continuing on a downward trend. The number of accidents per 100,000 flight hours decreased from 7.19 in 1997 to an all-time low of 6.32 in 2006, while the fatal accident rate dropped 7.4 percent during the same timeframe.

The report reveals that the long-term trend for weather-related accidents is increasing. Visual flight rules (VFR) flight into instrument conditions continues to account for the majority of fatal weather accidents in single-engine aircraft. Another trend is a decrease in maneuvering flight accidents, down from 33.1 percent of fatal accidents in 2005 to 25 percent in 2006. However, fatal descent and approach accidents increased from 10.3 percent to 19 percent. The Nall Report is available at

Autogrill group, inc. — parent company of HMSHost Corporation and U.S. subsidiary of Autogrill S.p.A., agrees to acquire CBR Incorporated, a specialty retail concessions company operating at U.S. airports.

Banyan Air Service — completes a major avionics modification on a Boeing 747SP. The work was performed in Europe over an eight week span. The installation consisted of the Rockwell/Collins Tailwind 550 Airborne TV system, an upgrade to the existing Rockwell/Collins SAT906 SATCOM system for dual channel Swift 64 High Speed Data, and the new Airshow 4000.

British Airways — creates a subsidiary airline, OpenSkies, to fly daily between New York and either Brussels or Paris starting June, subject to regulatory approval.

castle airport (CA) — plans to have its new passenger terminal up and running by June.

Clear — will operate the registered traveler program at Oakland International Airport, beginning in April.

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