Operation Ready

BOS continues its effort to bring together disparate groups into a coordinated plan

OPERATION READY-2007 identified and shared best practices and training needs for all transportation authorities in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation has launched an initiative, the Massachusetts Mobility Compact, which brings together representatives of the state’s transportation agencies and authorities with a goal of improving daily interagency coordination and information sharing, emergency planning, joint training and exercises.

OPERATION READY-2007 served to fuse a multitude of diverse industries; transportation, public safety, public health/medical, emergency management, academic, and private sector to raise levels of awareness surrounding a transportation disaster at Boston Logan International Airport, including a better understanding and the demands of a specific hazard (in this case, the collision of two aircraft).

The exercise series helped strengthen the response system and provided an opportunity for agency representatives to meet each other in a training setting — an incident scene is no place to be making introductions and exchanging business cards.

By the Numbers: Operation Ready-2007

  • 1700 emergency responders
  • 6 Emergency Operation Centers
  • 480 casualty victims transported off airport
  • 10 patrol and rescue boats
  • 48 fire vehicles
  • 98 police vehicles
  • 90 ambulances
  • 15 colleges and universities
  • 25 buses
  • 105 agencies and organizations
  • 13 hospitals


(Editor’s note: To see the July 2005 cover story on Boston Logan’s emergency response initiative, visit our archives at www.airportbusiness.com.)

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