The Power of Enterprise GIS

It’s much more than merely collecting data; it’s about efficiency, productivity

• Backing to Go Forward
Because airport GIS are enterprise systems, they must have the full backing of airport management. By definition, GIS must mesh with virtually every airport discipline. To guarantee buy-in from all quarters, executive management must make it clear that GIS is a priority.

• It’s More than Data
Finally, when working with GIS it’s easy to obsess about the data and lose focus as to its practical value. To sidestep that trap, consider some examples of what GIS can do:
From dispatching to security to revenue generation to operational efficiencies to precise space/location data, enterprise GIS has a unique operational value that no other database can match.
FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-18B defines a standard for storing GIS data for airports. FAA is moving toward a requirement that submissions be made electronically, and in the GIS-based format defined in the advisory. The FAA’s Notice to Airmen program has also recently begun using GIS data formats for better situational awareness among air crews.

* * *

Kevin Carlson is an associate vice president and director of Airport Management Systems with AECOM Transportation, formerly DMJM Aviation.

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