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Business Buzz ¦ Mumbai International Airport Private Limited has chosen Twisted Pair Solutions’ WAVE™ software technology to turn Nortel IP telephones deployed at Mumbai International Airport into push-to-talk radios. By allowing IP telephones to...

¦ Andrews Space disclosed details of its Andrews Cargo Module, a cargo logistics system capable of addressing NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) cargo logistics requirements, as well as the needs of emerging customers like Bigelow Aerospace and the Department of Defense. The Andrews Cargo Module is a reusable spacecraft capable of delivering 3.7 metric tons of cargo to and from the ISS. It comprises a common Service Module, a Pressurized (PCM) or Unpressurized Cargo Module (UCM), and a Recovery Module. This modular approach allows the system to cost-effectively address a wide range of mission requirements and customers.

¦ Banyan Air Service recently hosted Grob Aerospace’s spn LJ mock-up display at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. The spn has a full carbon fiber construction, which avoids fatigue or corrosion issues that affect aircraft built of metal. It is the size of a mid-sized jet, such as a Lear 60 or Hawker 800 and is powered by two Williams FJ44-3A turbofan engines. It seats six or eight people and is certified for single-pilot operation. The spn can fly to more airports, can also land on grass or gravel runways, has an 1800 nautical mile range, and can use a balanced field length of 3000 feet. The spn costs approximately $7.4 million dollars.

¦ Palmer Johnson Power Systems announced expanded drivetrain service and remanufacturing capabilities. The company, established in 1977, now has 13 service centers throughout the United States that offer full service and remanufacturing for off-highway transmissions and axles. In September 2006, Palmer Johnson opened a new, state-of-the-art service and remanufacturing center at its headquarters near Madison, Wis. Since that time, the company has increased service sales by more than 50 percent. The 65,000-square-foot facility, winner of the nationwide 2007 Varco-Pruden Best of Manufacturing award, has allowed Palmer Johnson to expand the scope of its operations from transmission repair and remanufacturing to include axle service as well.


¦ Aviapartner Handling announced it has signed a major contract with Lufthansa and Swiss for the provision of full handling services in Venice. The contract, effective Jan. 1, 2008, covers about 5000 flights per year for both airlines combined. Lufthansa operates 10 flights each day out of Venice with 50- to 300-seat aircraft and Swiss three daily flights with RJ100 aircraft. The length of the contract will be three to five years. The set of full handling services which Aviapartner will provide to Lufthansa and Swiss in Venice includes passenger services, aircraft handling and traffic operations.

¦ DHL kicked off its support for Variety, a multi-million dollar philanthropic organization that assists children with disabilities through the efforts of volunteers, corporate contributors and local businessmen and women. DHL will be delivering heart-shaped pins to thousands of movie theaters around the country for the Gold Heart Pin Campaign, Variety’s signature fundraising endeavor, with in-theater sales of the pins benefiting children with special needs. Running through March 2008, the Gold Heart Pin Campaign is a partnership between Variety, DHL and the motion picture industry that raises approximately $2 million annually for children across the US.

¦ Aviapartner announced it has signed a joint-venture agreement with the Cypriot handling company 2Serve. This joint venture deal creates a joint company, with a view to tendering for a full ramp handling license at Larnaca and Paphos airports. With Cyprus’ accession to the EU, the market for ramp handling services in Cyprus is being opened and licenses for both Larnaca and Paphos are up for tender for a concession of seven years, commencing May 1, 2008. 2Serve currently provides passenger services, flight operations and cargo handling services at Larnaca and Paphos airports in Cyprus. Under the terms of the partnership, 2Serve will transfer its existing business to the joint venture with Aviapartner, holding a 51 percent share in the new business. The joint venture will trade as Aviapartner Cyprus and will be headed by Ian Hay, general manager of 2Serve.

¦ Systems Integrators LLC announced the acquisition of Allstar GSE. Through this acquisition, Allstar GSE has gained financial strength, additional infrastructure and a quality management system supported by five years of ISO certification, conforming to AS 9001:2000 and ISO 9100. A primary goal of the acquisition was to improve upon an already solid design and bring additional products to the ground power industry.

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