Educated Risk

For 25 years, Fortbrand Services Inc. has relied on its industry expertise to meet customer needs.

Sticking to What They Know
Alan Stearn believes that Fortbrand Services has sufficiently solidified its position in the industry with the wide range of services it has to offer to make it to yet another milestone anniversary. “I think the need for the type of service we have to offer will always be there,” he says. “In difficult economic times, our experience tells us that people will turn to a third party, so they don’t have to invest their own capital. When times are good, like they are now, if we have the equipment available and customers are unable to obtain it from a traditional source, such as a manufacturer, they turn to us.”

Though Fortbrand might consider expanding its airfield maintenance equipment distributorship business in the future, its plans remain steadfast to continue its formula for success. “I think we are very good at what we do. Our personnel have aggregated more than 100 years of experience in dealing with GSE and have accumulated detailed knowledge of all types of GSE and airfield maintenance equipment. Our capital resources enable us to meet whatever our customers’ requirements may be.” Foster says. “We are going to continue to do what we know best.”

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