Access Control and Badging

As 100 percent employee screening becomes higher profile, other issues remain.

He says the goal of the pilot program will be to find the right mix of security measures to put in place. “The idea is [to get] a mix to ensure that the person working on the ramp on a day-by-day basis has some reasonable cause to believe that they may well be either approached or undergo some scrutiny, that’s either obvious or not, over the course of their workday.”

The Committee of Appropriations is allotting $15 million for the pilot. Specifically, three airports are to screen all employees either at the airport perimeter or passenger checkpoints for at least 90 days. Four other airports are to test other enhanced screening methods including behavior recognition, biometrics, cameras, and body imaging. At the time of this writing, industry associations and TSA are working together to determine how best to implement the program.

Comments Morris at AAAE, “The multi-layered approach, the alternative measure approach is the one we’ve been working on with TSA; we know that TSA agrees that that’s the right approach.”

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