One Hot Combo

Partnering with Harlan Global Manufacturing, Kocoverk International is poised to become a leading worldwide supplier of aircraft heaters.

“Right now, Harlan has a division of our business called OEM manufacturing, where we help other manufacturers cost-reduce their equipment,” Moore says. “In Kocoverk’s case what we’d like to do is not only cost-reduce their equipment, but manufacture and assemble under license in the United States. We would do that for the US market but we’re also talking to Max about augmenting his production for the rest of the world.”

Moore says production in the US would likely begin next winter. With a site in China, Harlan is also looking to extend Kocoverk’s products to the other side of the globe. “Harlan has a manufacturing facility outside of Shanghai in Nantong, China and we may take this product over there and assist in the Asian marketplace,” he says.

The alliance would not only increase manufacturing capability, but allow Kocoverk to further enhance its technology such as its environmentally friendly AC units for commercial usage. “We are now getting our hands on more suitable compressors for that application,” Ternheim says. “Now it’s on the market from SRM more suitable low-pressure compressors that we can use, but we have been too heavily involved in the heater business since the past two years due to the big requirements from the US market … By having Harlan helping us out on the US market, we can do that development here in Stockholm together with the SRM company. That’s the thing we would like to do.”

With its established presence in the European arena and a future tensed in increased manufacturing capability elsewhere, Ternheim foresees Kocoverk becoming an eminent force in aircraft heating units. “We will be absolutely one of the world leaders regarding aircraft heaters,” he says.

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