The Recognition Factor

Intended to motivate, reward, inspire and recognize; awards come in many shapes and sizes and for many a purpose.

“TLD has been our primary GPU supplier for three years … they stood out and are the first recipient of the award,” Laney says. “They [TLD] made their deliveries on time; if there were issues they communicated with us and made sure we understood and knew why. But most important are Mike Rawls, TLD’s trainer and the face of customer service and Mark Blalock, vice president of sales and service. They have a great service team. Rawls exemplifies what SWA’s expectations of service are – he did what he said he would do, he communicated, he went beyond their expectations.”

“To have chosen us has been an honor,” says Blalock. “I have seen this airline grow and you know that customer service is their foundation. I think they used to have a motto ‘positively outrageous service (POS),’ so to be chosen by an airline that puts such high value on service, as a customer service-oriented supplier to them obviously means a great deal.”

Laney uses the term “best value.” It’s not just the piece of equipment, it’s the training, the service, the part — everything needed to keep the operation going after purchase. “You get the unit and then you are married to it, most of the time for 18 to 20 years. The quality coming out the door … it’s huge,” declares Laney. “Getting it right the first time and being reliable; it’s great for us.”

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