An Eye For Opportunity

“Our whole company is based upon the years of experience and the personnel who are qualified in the niche market that we sell,” says Frank Bortunk, president of U.S. Airmotive GSE. As a manufacturer and distributor in the GSE industry since 1963...

U.S. Airmotive GSE has concentrated its immediate efforts in the international market, as the weak dollar has attracted far-flung customers in countries new to its clientele base, including Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Laos. “No question that the expansion is overseas right now, and the dollar being soft helps tremendously,” he says.

“In the past customers have been quoted as saying that the material made in the United States was too expensive,” Bortunk says. “They always prefer to have the American-made product, but unfortunately over the past years it was too expensive for them to procure, so they bought local products or something from other countries that probably was not to their liking, but it was the only choice they had. Now, because the dollar is so soft, they are able to come and buy the product they want.”

Though the company has shifted its focus to contend with the industry circumstances, it has continued to rely on a simple theory regarding client relations to retain its market strength. “Our customer service, information and knowledge of the product line, and our honesty with our customers, have had a great impact on keeping our old customers and attracting new ones,” he says.

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