'We Have the Power'

In June of this year, SCHOPF Maschinenbau GmbH, located in Ostfildern, Germany, celebrated the milestone of 60 years in business — a business that began not in aviation but in mining.

A Reason to Celebrate
“We have the Power” has been SCHOPF’s slogan in recent years. In view of the massive and powerful products for the airport and mining industries, the June anniversary festivities were themed “60 years of power” and started on the company’s premises in Ostfildern. After the welcome of the managing partner,

Dr. Hermann Brüggemann, Heinz Ollesch, Germany’s most successful “strong man,” showed in a quite spectacular manner what can be managed by human power. He pulled a 10-ton aircraft tow tractor. He then heaved a 130 kg weighing stone ball into the bucket of a 50-year-old loader — the ancient unit stands for SCHOPF’s beginning in Zinsholz, where it had started to produce construction machines in 1948.

The old shovel loader seems to represent SCHOPF’s proverbial quality, since it is still fully operational. Jörg Schopf, the 87-year-old founder of the company, came by as well to meet with many customers from around the world, long-time suppliers and employees to enjoy the development of his “heritage.”

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