Editor's Note

The past year emerged a notorious reminder of just how quickly circumstances can change. Leading off a prosperous 2007, the first few months of 2008 looked equally promising for aviation. Then the fuel crisis hit — along with staggering losses for many airlines. Having crawled from the pricey depths of the oil barrel, much of the aviation business has now found itself hindered by a faltering economy leading into 2009. In the face of such economic struggles, there has remained apprehension as to what the new year holds for the ground support industry.

Again, it’s important to remember just how quickly things can change. There is no question that the industry is facing many hurdles in the next year, but adversity has always been a major spur of innovation. The ground support industry has remained steadfast in its search for more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly operations. With the green movement having gained ground in the recent past, we are on the cusp of a new era in technology as we continue rolling out new products and proccesses. These new practices could lend great benefit to the industry in the long term.

Heading into 2009, as I take on the position of managing editor of Ground Support Worldwide, the publication will continue to stay ahead of the changes, bringing the latest trends and technology to the forefront in an effort to facilitate the best practices of the industry.

As the voice of the ground support community, we depend upon our readers to keep us informed of industry happenings. How has your business been affected by the current economic climate? What practices or technology is it employing as a result? I gladly welcome input from readers regarding the state of the industry and how it is affecting daily operations.

Ample Opportunity at Aviation Industry Expo
The next Aviation Industry Expo is fast approaching. The show will be an opportunity for companies to gather and showcase the latest innovations for ground support. The informational sessions will also present an opportunity for dialogue on the pressing issues. I am looking forward to the show as a chance to learn and meet more people within the industry.

At Aviation Industry Expo, we will also be hosting the Ground Support Leaders of the Year awards ceremony. Please take the time to visit our Web site at
www.groundsupportworldwide.com and nominate individuals who have made great contributions to ground support. There are five separate categories, and beginning this year, nominations are also being accepted for the Lifetime Achievement Award. The deadline for nominations is Feb. 1.

I look forward to seeing you at the show and hearing from you on the issues as we move forward.

Thanks for reading,