Mounts Matter

A look at Aero Fabricators’ engine mount exchange program

“Due to the economy, a lot more people are leaning toward repair,” says Mary Myers, designated manufacturing inspection representative and president of Wag-Aero.

Need for engine mounts requires having “cores” available to work up and repair ahead of time. Aero Fabricators keeps repaired cores on-hand for more common aircraft. At most times, Aero Fabricators has 100 to 150 cores in stock. It buys these from salvage yards and FBOs to maintain its inventory.

Myers says that another source of new cores is when Aero Fabricators keeps the mounts exchanged for its yellow-tagged units. A core charge is refunded when a company/customer returns an engine mount.

Aero Fabricators began buying up cores almost three years ago and converting them to yellow-tag mounts. This effort to convert cores to finished goods enables the company to increase its inventory, thereby increasing the odds that it will have in stock what customers need.

Once an engine mount is shipped out, the priority becomes getting another in stock. It generally takes two to three weeks to get an engine mount core back after Aero Fabricators ships it out.
“Many of the cores we receive come from accidents and many don’t look repairable, but we can do it,” says Mary Pat Heningfield, marketing assistant.

Heningfield says that inventory status is kept up-to-date on Wag-Aero’s web site. “You can see the inventory online and find out if it meets your needs,” she says.

“If you don’t have the inventory, you don’t have the sale,” says Armes, who has been with Wag-Aero for 23 years. “Aircraft need to keep flying to keep paying for themselves.”

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