AMT Day: A Proud Heritage

May 24 recognizes the importance of AMTs

Recognizing commitment to safety
AMT Day was created to recognize the knowledge, skill, and integrity of each AMT in every sector of aircraft maintenance, regardless of the size or type of aircraft being maintained. This is because all AMTs belong to a brotherhood of skilled craftsmen. Today’s AMTs, whether they are maintaining military, commercial, general, private, corporate, experimental, or civil aircraft, do so with the same commitment to safety. This safety can easily be taken for granted by the public and media. This is in large part because today’s AMT, like Charles E. Taylor, doesn’t look for the limelight and say, “Hey, look what I do.” Actually, it is just the opposite. AMTs perform their duties the same way Charlie did: there is a job to be done and they do it — and they do it well.

With AMT Day right around the corner, AMTs can count on their craft and profession being recognized. With the calendar having so many different days to celebrate special occasions, it is rewarding to know that May 24 is a day for AMTs to call their own. AMT Day is your day. AMT Day is a proud day! AMT

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Ken MacTiernan is an A&P with an IA based in Texas. He developed Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association to raise the level of recognition of Charles E. Taylor. He is also on the board of directors for AMTSociety and the chairman of the Maintenance Skills Competition. He can be reached at

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