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EAA KidVenture Located at Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh, WI, KidVenture’s campus has become a prominent fixture of EAA AirVenture’s landscape. Where else can kids get the chance to build their own model rockets and balsa planes, fly in a high-tech...

Recipients of Villnave tuition scholarships are Russell Lane of Southern Arkansas University Tech, Aimee Enslinger of Gordon Cooper Tech Center, Lydia Daniels of PIA, Tyesha Cuttino of Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Keith Woockman of Southwestern Illinois College, Eric Trepanier of Department of the Air Force, Matthew Koudelka of Salt Lake Community College, Riley Petersen of Lake Area Technical College, Jeff Hoover of Middle Georgia Technical Institute, and Whitney Oppe of Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA).

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