Back To Your Future

Is this a great time to head back to school?

In researching this article, I reviewed the FAA’s web site to see what predictions they have for our industry. It appears that 2008 and 2009 will be down — no surprise there — but despite our current global economic conditions, the forecast is for long-term growth.

The FAA predicts that air carriers will continue to match capacity with market demand, and that overall available seat mile (ASMs) will drop 6.7 percent this year, and then grow at an average of 3.8 percent per year through 2025.

The FAA predicts that the commercial aviation industry will carry 1 billion passengers by 2021. All signs points to the continued demand for experienced, educated AMT professionals. Plan for the long term and don’t miss the opportunity to brush up your skills or get that degree.

A little effort and sacrifice now will pay big dividends for you, your family, and your employer in the future.

Charles Chandler is AMT’s field editor. He is a Texas-based A&P and received his training at Spartan College. He spoke at Spartan’s graduation ceremonies this year.

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