Don't Wing It

Fall protection tips for aircraft maintenance

Time is of the essence in the aviation industry; quick, unscheduled repairs are common. A highly portable vacuum anchor system that a mechanic can easily carry to the airplane’s site can increase productivity and efficiency. A portable system as a backup is a necessity, as it’s often impractical to wait for an overhead fall protection system to become available.

When climbing atop an aircraft, large or small, consider which type of fall protection system best fits the application and use it. Whether a five-minute job or a five-hour job, a fall protection system must be utilized when working on an airplane’s surface, as it only takes a second for a fall to occur. Don’t wing it!

Tim Maroushek is product manager for systems and anchors with Capital Safety, a designer and manufacturer of height safety and fall protection equipment under the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands. Capital Safety offers a line of fall protection and rescue systems, as well as training courses. For more information, contact Capital Safety at (800) 328-6146 or visit

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